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New device and need some battery and coil advice please
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New device and need some battery and coil advice please
Morning folks

I've had a few devices now, and I think I'm starting to figure out what I like finally! Facepalm Go easy on me here, as I've only been vaping 8 months or so, as there's so much info online and much of it is personal preference, and I've also been told and sold various things by various shops, so trying to figure out what I like and what works for me has taken a while so far.

Started on a small TECC MTL device - got fed up with the filling faff with this. Got an eGrip2 which I liked, but again, filling was easier, but messy. This was my first experience with this particular type of coil and didn't really like it. It seemed to spit a lot, or give dry hits initially. Thought it was just me being a noob to be honest. Still going on the MTL route at this point, then got a COV mod (the little escapes me) with an Aspire Nautilus X tank and 1.5ohm coil. Pretty good, no real issues other than I quite liked a larger tank (didn't realise an extender was available at this point). Found myself a Joyetech eVic AIO with a larger capacity tank, looked nice, etc. Should've cut my losses and jsut binned the old coils from the eGrip2, as this was one of the reasons I bought this eVic - as it uses the same.

Discovered that if you tightened down the mouthpiece/coil chimney even slightly too much, it gave problems with the juice flow it seems. All was good for a few months.

The tank seal than started leaking too. Despite getting sent a replacement tank FOC from Joyetech UK, at this point I was getting put off the Joyetech eVic AIO with a 0.6 ohm coil, because as much as I like the device when it's working properly, I've come to the conclusion Joyetech coils are crap. Tiny little holes for juice wicking is the main culprit I think....anyway, I digress.

Getting on to the point of the post, I'd got an AWT 3000maH 40a (allegedly) battery to go with the eVic, and it lasted well...and still does.

I've been using a Wismec RX75 for a while now, with this AWT battery in. Currently with a Nautilus X tank with a 1.5 ohm coil for MTL and only running about 18-20w - so as you'd expect, lasts a decent time in between charges.

I've also got a Smok Brit One (for subtlety), and the flavour off that has always been noticeably better than other devices. That's running a 0.6 ohm coil, but is sill ok for MTL.

So, yesterday, having finally got the hump with dry hits and tempramental flavour production, decided the eVic was not my bag (which is a PITA, as I bought a load of coils for it......anyone interested in any!?). Got myself one of the new Smok AL85 mods with the TFV8 baby tank. It's currently got the 0.6ohm coil in it, and it's really good in terms of vapour production and flavour. Also got sold a Vpark 18650 battery that is allegedly 35a - but it seems to drain fairly not very impressed with this.

This coil apparently works best at between 30-40w. So I've been using it at 30w, with the airflow almost closed right off and MTL-ing with it.

I've decided I prefer the (seemingly) denser vapour of a subohm coil such as the 0.6 one, and the flavour is definitely better. So I've been experimenting a bit more with DL, rather than MTL, as I can get better flavour still which is what I like.

So...getting to the point (and thanks for bearing with me!), obviously higher wattage is going to do 2 things - smash through juice and drain the battery quicker.

The AL85 is doing both these things very well at the moment, so I need to try optimise the setup!

Reading reviews, Vpark batteries are crap...Annoyingly, as was sold it as being better than the Efest and AWT ones I have already.

Am I right in thinking the LG HG2's would be more suitable? Or are the Sammy 30Q's or Sony VTC6 any better? I'd probably get a pair of whatever I choose, so the other will go in the Wismec.

What I'm after is a battery that will give the longest life (hence looking at the 3000maH ones) - but I'm confused by the amp rating, as I've read that actually there are no batteries with more than 30a rating. So I really don't know what my devices actually NEED in that respect.

Finally, I am assuming there are no higher resistance coils for this tank, I'm struggling to find the 0.6 ohm ones as it is and might have to settle for 0.4 ohm - which I assume are going to drain the battery even more.

Any suggestions for battery life optimisation are very welcome.

Thanks for reading, and apologies for prattling on for a while, but this is the first time I've actually written down my thoughts on what I like and dislike and why, in order to try get some advice from more knowledegable and experienced vapers!
06/03/17 09:24 AM
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RE: New device and need some battery and coil advice please
I read not long ago that the LGH2 is not as good quality as it used to be because of their popularity making the supply of the best grades of them unpredictable. It seems to me you'll get more mileage out of the 30Q's and they rate a bit better than the LGH2 for drawing continuous power. If you draw more than 30-40w it's probably best to go for the Samsung 25-R. Part of the reason is that the 25-R can handle the extra heat better when you draw more power and hence safer; the price is lower capacity. There's no getting away from it if you want to stay safe.

Hit full screen icon to enlarge after clicking on the image
(This post was last modified: 06/03/17 03:44 PM by HeyJoe.)
06/03/17 03:39 PM
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RE: New device and need some battery and coil advice please
The Samsung, Sony and LG batteries tend to be better made and hence safer. In my experience, you won't get significantly greater life between charges than with any other make with the same mah (milliamp hour) rating. However, the safety consideration is important - these are powerful batteries we use in our mods.

Going up to 3000mah will help a bit but realistically, for something like the baby beast, any single 18650 mod isn't going to give you long periods vaping between recharges. Unless small is essential, I would think in terms of your next mod being a dual 18650 device. Vaping a 0.6 ohm coil with a dual battery device will give you a full day's vaping on a single charge unless you are a particularly heavy user.

I note Liberty Flights are still offering the 0.6 ohm coils at £13.99 for a pack of 5. But, as you state, they are getting harder to find.
07/03/17 03:05 PM
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RE: New device and need some battery and coil advice please
Coil resistance on its own will not make much difference to your battery life, as the mod will drop output volts to maintain the set power if you swap coils for lower resistance.

Heat losses in the mod will increase slightly at lower loads, but not much at your levels.

As for batteries, I would either use a VTC5A or Samsung 25-R. At 30w the higher capacity batteries are being thrashed harder, and will probably last no longer. Given this I would opt for the above batteries that will run cooler and well within limits.

The issue is that higher capacity batteries tend to have higher resistance. This means more power is wasted keeping the batteries warm, and the greater voltage drop across the battery reduces the time to the mod low voltage cutoff.
07/03/17 07:03 PM
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RE: New device and need some battery and coil advice please
LG HG2 are great batteries for modest wattages.

like the sony's there were / are a few fakes because of their popularity. but any brand can be fakes if the supplier isnt dilligent / honest.

you get more mileage from the HG2 s than samsung 25r s on 25-30W set ups.

@ 40W+ per cell you are better off with the samsung 25r as there should be slightly less voltage sag and it should run a little cooler.

samsung 30q are also good cells - not quite as much usable capacity as the HG2s but they otherwise perform slightly better (voltage sag / temps) when you push over 35W / cell

if genuine - sony VCT6 would be an alternative to the HG2 / 30q - maybe slightly better then either - though pricier
and a genuine VCT5A a small upgrade on the 25r for a premium

all 5 cells are excellent - and i would choose depending on how many watts per cell you plan to vape at. HG2 / 30q / VCT6 for modest wattages & 25r / VCT5A for higher wattages and VCT4 for high wattages

08/03/17 02:18 PM
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