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Vaping in China - Digicig - 24/08/15 04:50 PM

Have a English teaching gig in China - Xianning Vocational and Technical College, Xianning, Hubei Province (appears at 0.49 on the right and 8.17-ish in the vid) so thought i'd use the page whilst tis still about to blog about my Vaping experiences in the lower tier regions of the Middle Kingdom. A lot of companies such as FT etc don't deliver internally apparently, so will be interesting to see how easy it is to get supplies and what the reception to Vaping is like - at least i thought it might LoL

Will be setting off on the adventure on the 3rd and arriving on the 4th - not sure whether or not i'll be able to access UKV directly due to the Great Firewall, but maybe able to use a VPN to bypass it and let folk know of how i'm getting on.

They do have Taobao - i kind of ebay/amazon buy anything type site - but as it's mainly in Mandarin this presents it's own issues Wink

RE: Vaping in China - blaze - 24/08/15 04:57 PM

Looking forward to hearing about it. Clapping

Vaping in China - Jazzy J - 24/08/15 05:03 PM

I had no issue with UKvs or our website/emails etc but I was using the hotel wifi,
No idea if it's a different set up with an international hotel or not,
Must admit I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts and findings while your out there,

RE: Vaping in China - Digicig - 24/08/15 05:17 PM

Shenzhen is kinda outside China - Special zone thingy - so what goes on there isn't the same as mainland China.

Have a VPN which may or may not work - and there is a distinct lack of English Language info on Hubei province and Xianning where i'll be based.
This obviously opens up the YT vlogging option as well as general blogs and info based websites - so will be trying to 'smuggle' my installments out LoL

With the Chinese Government owning ALL the tobacco companies - vaping with nicotine is apparently discouraged - imagine what the Tories would be doing inthe same situation Undecided

RE: Vaping in China - yahoo2u2 - 24/08/15 05:35 PM

errrm dont think visiting orders will be available either Smiling

RE: Vaping in China - Digicig - 24/08/15 06:14 PM

Vaping itself is fine - using nicotine containing liquid is discouraged though not necessarily illegal Wink

Get the impression that each province has a degree of 'flexibility' with the law so hoping to be able to order what i need from and Vape ON 30

RE: Vaping in China - yahoo2u2 - 24/08/15 06:18 PM

I must say it looks a beautiful country.

RE: Vaping in China - Digicig - 24/08/15 06:42 PM

Looks stunning and importantly - relatively unpoluted (in other words about the same as London Worriedsmiley )
The Province is around the same size as England and Wales with a bit of Scotland thrown in - both in terms of land and people.
Xianning itself is just about in the top 100 cities (i think) and only has a metropolitan area population of 3million - so a tenth of Shanghai What?

Wudang Shan is in Hubei Province - the birthplace of Tai Chi - so sure i'll pootle in that direction at some point (might need to hone me basically dubious photogrphic skills Wink )

RE: Vaping in China - Digicig - 28/08/15 05:02 PM

OK so today my passport with stamped Z visa arrived back - used a visa agency (The Travel Visa Company) as it worked out only a little bit moew expensive than either getting over to London from Ireland or getting the train to Dublin - twice Thumbs Up

So - visa check
Plane ticket - check
train to plane - check
Packing Whistle

Nearly there and this time next week i'll be on the last leg of my journey to Xianning 97

RE: Vaping in China - Cheekiecharlie - 28/08/15 05:47 PM

good luck matey,hope it all goes well for you ,I'm sure you'll have a tale or two to tell us when you're next back on here