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The RY4 Radio Lockin on a Thursday - tim21080 - 09/03/16 02:18 AM

From the ashes of the friday night lock in show comes the shiny new lock in with Tim Rob and the Cheef on Thursday nights at 10pm to follow VTTV. We aim to take on the discussion and also bring in new topics to rant about. Vaping giveaways, guests, news from the USA, you name it we will cover it in the classic non pc lock in style. I cant wait to get back on the air its been far too long. So we will be back with you at 10pm GMT on march 17th 2016. New show , New team and no boolarks as russ would say, Stick it in your diary and be there. If for some reason you have something better to do it will be up on mix/sound cloud and by the wonders of technology our friends across the pond have said they will put it up at Vapers Place. So its the new lock in on, oh did i mention we have a new website and chat as well..................... catch you soon

RE: The RY4 Radio Lockin on a Thursday - tim21080 - 10/03/16 09:27 AM

Thursday night at 10pm UK Time join The Lock in crew for an hour of chat and music seems like a great excuse to check out the new studio kit and make sure it works as it should so its at 10pm after VTTV. The topic tonight is cloud chasing and how it seems to be changing things in pubs, could the quiet vape and a pint be a thing of the past as the cloud chaing culture seems be be turning pubs off the idea of vaping indoors

RE: The RY4 Radio Lockin on a Thursday - tim21080 - 11/03/16 11:21 AM

Friday night on RY4 Radio from 9pm to 12am UK time Jason Western spins the wheels of steel in his weekly live mix dance show, fill a tank pour a beer and enjoy the best in house music.

RE: The RY4 Radio Lockin on a Thursday - tim21080 - 17/03/16 12:01 AM

Tonight on RY4 Radio at 10pm after VTTV Tim,Rob and guests lock the doors for the Thursday night lock in, The weeks vaping news plus lots of non pc vaping banter, oh and the odd glass of something along with a bit of a celebration for the vapers of Wales so thats the lock in Thursday at 10pm UK time come and join us in chat