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tfv8 v8-t10 decuple coils - masonlvvy - 31/10/16 03:37 AM

hi,guys,v8-T10 decuple coil for tfv8,crazy new coils.

0.12ohm,kanthal clapton coil material


50-300W./best 130-190w


RE: tfv8 v8-t10 decuple coils - Thribble - 31/10/16 09:09 AM


Getting silly now... But I might have to try these!

RE: tfv8 v8-t10 decuple coils - leigh3645 - 04/11/16 09:18 PM

will surely make a juice thirsty tank be like a running tap, line up a e liquid tanker for refills lol

Think I will have to give these coils a bash Wink

RE: tfv8 v8-t10 decuple coils - Rudie - 10/01/17 07:29 PM

So Ive been running one these for about 24 hours now. The pack says best for 130w to 190w but good for upto 300w!

To be honest im running it at circa 120w most of the time. Ive taken it to 160w but found it a little rough if im honest.

Still a good coil, similar to the t8, lots of flavour, clouds and super thirsty. However the q4 is still the best coil for my money!