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Site Speed - Ken - 18/11/16 02:08 PM

Is it just me or is the site going slow ? it takes ages to load when posting, used to happen regularly but not much in the last year, it can't be overloading as the site is only half as busy as it used to be Waiting

RE: Site Speed - nosmo - 18/11/16 02:25 PM

Just made a post, and that took ages to load.

RE: Site Speed - watsy - 18/11/16 02:35 PM

No probs here.

RE: Site Speed - Jazzy J - 18/11/16 02:40 PM

been the same this end too, had it a couple of times a day over the past few days.

RE: Site Speed - FlavourArtUK - 18/11/16 02:42 PM

It's because of the cold weather we're having; the underground cables
contract slightly and make it a tighter fit for the data to travel through.


RE: Site Speed - yahoo2u2 - 18/11/16 03:01 PM

yep, posting slow for me as well. Maybe more at home and using the net and watching movies as well.

RE: Site Speed - MDC - 18/11/16 03:58 PM

Slow! Stopped altogether a short while yesterday.

RE: Site Speed - Ken - 18/11/16 04:09 PM

I wont say I'm glad I'm not the only one, oop's, just said it Smiling

RE: Site Speed - bongobreak - 18/11/16 04:21 PM

My brain has slowed due to the cold also, so it's evened out for me! Big Grin

RE: Site Speed - NeonVape - 18/11/16 05:30 PM

Same there today . Also couldn't upload picture... Scratch Head