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CoilArt Mage GTA - VapingWithVic - 11/01/17 03:36 PM

The CoilArt Mage GTA is the latest in a string of releases from various companies who have started producing GTA style tanks. The GTA style is a raised enclosed deck where the base of the deck is open to the eliquid inside of the tank. Shorter chimney and better wicking makes for an RTA which generally has better flavour than the more traditional tanks out on the market.

The CoilArt Mage is a much smaller tank compared to the many other GTA style tanks out there and it also has a bigger deck than half of them. How does it perform? Lets find out.

===CoilArt Mage GTA===

Unboxing - 2:21
CoilArt Mage GTA - 3:22
The Deck - 6:21
Coiling - 6:58
Wicking - 10:43
Thoughts - 15:20