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The "Carto equals" claim thread - samuelmunro - 09/08/12 12:21 AM

Taking the lead from a comment from Gluggler I'd like help listing all those companies that still make the claim of ridiculous cigarette comparisons.

I'd agree to a extent ECCA have not been visible in "naming and shaming" to level at which it probably should.

With help from the community, let's compile a list, first of all that we can contact and make them aware of the communities feeling that the cigarette equivalence is disproportionate with the evidence of use from the consumer.

The next step I would think would be to decide on a grace period in which a vendor or company in question can reasonably fix the error in their advertising be it online or elsewhere. Or if the claim is present to be accompanied by some evidence or research on which the company is basing their claim.

After which if the claim is still present and visible without accompanying evidence of proof, Gluggler is correct, the next step would be that we as consumers make trading standards aware of the issue.

RE: The "Carto equals" claim thread - samuelmunro - 09/08/12 12:29 AM

to start with let's keep the list UK specific for the time being Smiling

RE: The "Carto equals" claim thread - Digicig - 09/08/12 12:38 AM

Tesco pharmacies ecig - whatever it's now called Wink

RE: The "Carto equals" claim thread - samuelmunro - 09/08/12 12:42 AM

Elites claim this here:

"E-Tips are tested by automated machine bellows to quantify the amount of inhalations, and therefore approximate 'cigarettes' that they provide.

Each tip achieves a minimum of 210 three second machine inhalations in order to pass Quality Control.

An average human inhalation is approximately 1.5 seconds. A "whole" regular sized (not superking) cigarette equates to 10 average inhalations. Of course some people smoke a tobacco cigarette in 10 drags whilst others can burn a full cigarette down in 4 or 5 much longer drags.

So 210 machine inhalations returns over 400 average (1.5 second) human inhalations which when divided by 10 = approximately 40 'cigarettes'."

From my own experience I tend to do approximately a 3 second drag (almost twice as long as when I smoked). My contention is that the devices they are using for this puff test will be first generation look a likes and even with the newer cartomiser models that do hold more liquid so will last longer, there will always be a remainder left in the chamber.

RE: The "Carto equals" claim thread - samuelmunro - 09/08/12 12:44 AM

(09/08/12 12:38 AM)Digicig Wrote:  Tesco pharmacies ecig - whatever it's now called Wink

Is the tesco one still 10 motives?

RE: The "Carto equals" claim thread - samuelmunro - 09/08/12 01:06 AM

"This sealed unit contains a cartridge which is equivalent to smoking up to 30 normal cigarettes" - The claim from 10Motives on their disposables.
and for their rechargeables "Each Cartomiser will last as long as approximately 10-15 normal cigarettes." - more realistic but still a little off the mark.

Re: The "Carto equals" claim thread - Pinkerton - 09/08/12 01:08 AM

Nah we have nicolites and vapestick on the pharmacy, 10 motives was at the tobacco kiosk. Equally shit though.

RE: The "Carto equals" claim thread - samuelmunro - 09/08/12 01:13 AM

From Nicolites "Each box contains 3 cartomisers that will each last for up to 20 cigarettes worth of smoking." - the most accurate claim so far Smiling
...however on their disposables they say "Equivalent of 40 cigarettes" - and they were doing so well.

RE: The "Carto equals" claim thread - samuelmunro - 09/08/12 01:16 AM

"Estimated number of puffs per per cartridge = 100" - vapestick do use the puff count, but I can't see any mention of the cigarette equivalence far

RE: The "Carto equals" claim thread - samuelmunro - 09/08/12 01:20 AM

"The V1 delivers the equivalent smoke time of approximately 40 to 50 cigarettes." - found this on the vapestick disposable page. I am finding that the most exaggeration seems to occur on the disposables. I'm guessing this a marketing tactic to give the false sense of value for something that gets chucked after use.