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Map of Vaping Pubs - Russell VR Ord (CAM-VIP) - 13/07/12 10:08 PM

Many pubs throughout the UK have not heard of ecigs, some do not allow ecigs to be used on their premises - others allow their use and openly support vaping.

Since May 2010, vapers throughout the country have been identifying pubs that support vaping and these can be found on our MAP.

If you know of a 'Vaping Pub', please post in this thread with its name and postcode and we can add them to the map.

So far we have 394 vape-friendly pubs in the UK and Ireland - let's keep that number rising Smiling



RE: Map of Vaping Pubs - TracyCK - 14/07/12 01:31 AM

Here's a few places I visit and vape in.

TN29 9AX - The Royal Oak, Lydd
TN29 9AJ - The George Hotel, Lydd
TN29 9DQ - The Dolphin Hotel, Lydd
TN29 0AL - The Bell Inn, Ivychurch
TN29 9NJ - The Pilot Inn, Dungeness

RE: Map of Vaping Pubs - Russell VR Ord (CAM-VIP) - 14/07/12 05:50 AM

Cheers Tracy! I have added them to the map.

RE: Map of Vaping Pubs - Djp - 14/07/12 12:11 PM

Had a good night here last evening, they had no problem with vaping inside in fact there was a lot of interest:
IP4 1JZ - The Lord Nelson, Ipswich
Great pub, Adnams beer served straight from the cask on the bar.

RE: Map of Vaping Pubs - tim21080 - 14/07/12 12:20 PM

The Star Inn, Star Road , Old Town, Eastbourne, BN21 1PD Harveys Sussex Ale's on the pump

There u go Russ the one i mentioned to you on the radio last night


RE: Map of Vaping Pubs - Stevethesax - 14/07/12 12:26 PM

I was speaking to a girl who works at the Fifth Hants Volunteer Arms (74, Albert Rd, Southsea, Hampshire, PO5 2SL) and was told that people use e-cigs in there.
Can't personally confirm it though.



RE: Map of Vaping Pubs - Russell VR Ord (CAM-VIP) - 14/07/12 04:52 PM

Cheers DJP, Tim and Steve, I have added them. Upto 403 now Smiling

RE: Map of Vaping Pubs - SmithyT - 15/07/12 12:26 PM

Working away last week and found a warm vaping welcome in both the 'Old Coach House Hotel' SA71 4HN and the 'Royal Oak' pub SA71 4HN in pembroke.

RE: Map of Vaping Pubs - Russell VR Ord (CAM-VIP) - 15/07/12 12:46 PM

I have added the Coach House Hotel and Royal Oak Inn both on Main Street - are those the ones?

RE: Map of Vaping Pubs - prof beard - 15/07/12 05:08 PM

A couple of weeks back myself and Dr Neil were vaping without hassle in the Minerva in Plymouth Barbican