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Forum Rules - Please Read

UK Vapers is a completely non-commercial forum and we do not carry advertising or charge anyone for the use of this forum (this includes our commercial members such as Vendors and Mod Makers).

You will be unable to post on UK Vapers or access your user control panel to set things like your signature, etc, until your account has been activated. This does NOT happen automatically and must be done by an administrator. To request activation of your account, please post a message in the Activation Requests forum here: You can click here to go directly to a new message in that forum. It can take up to 24 hours for one of the admin team to activate your account (although it's normally much quicker), so please be patient!

This is a special forum: Only yourself and the admin team will be able to see your posts and you will only see your own posts and the replies from the admin team in this forum.
Accounts will not be activated until a request has been made in the Activation Requests forum, and there is no other way for your account to be activated. Sorry for any inconvenience, but this step has proved necessary to block an ever increasing spam problem on the forum.

We know, nobody likes rules and regulations, However experience tells us that some guidelines are a necessity in order to run a community smoothly. With that in mind, it's important that you read the following:

By becoming a member and posting on the forums at you agree to adhere to the following rules.

1. Adults Only: To be a member here you must be aged 18 or over. By registering for an account you are confirming that you are at least 18 years of age.

2. Forum Moderation: Moderation is necessary on any internet forum in order to protect the users and forum owners from legal issues - we reserve the right to modify or delete posts at any time and any decision taken by a staff member is final. If you have any questions regarding moderating decisions, please start a thread in the contact us forum so it can be discussed in private: Questioning moderating decisions on the open forum is not permitted - such posts will be removed and action will be taken against repeat offenders.

3. Be civil: try to treat others the way you'd like to be treated yourself. Personal attacks of any nature will not be tolerated. Please be aware that UK Vapers is an inclusive forum and we will not tolerate racism, sexism, misogyny or anything else that seeks to belittle someone for who or what they are (even under the guise of "I was only joking"). Offending posts will be removed and action taken against repeat offenders

4. One Account Only: You are permitted to hold one account only. Should you decide to leave UK Vapers your posts and account will not be deleted. We will delete your account at your request only if requested by both private message and via the email address your account is registered under. Your posts however will not be removed - by posting here you give license to to use and display your content. There are no exceptions to this.

5. Illegal Activities: The discussion of illegal activities is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of illegal drugs.

6. Termination of account: Though a last resort, we reserve the right to ban anyone who willfully violates the forum rules. This is a private forum and we also reserve the right to close anyone's account at our discretion . We are not obliged to provide reasons for account closure under these circumstances

7. Language: Please post using the English language only. The owner of is not multilingual and hence it would be impossible to monitor forum activity in any language other than English.

8. Affiliate Links: Affiliate links (including in signatures) are not permitted and will be removed. There will be one thread provided where anyone with an affiliate discount code may post, however that is the only place affiliate links / codes are permitted.

9. Ownership of Posts: You acknowledge that all posts you make are yours and yours alone and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of UK Vapers staff.

10. Spamming: Spamming users via PM is absolutely not permitted under any circumstances and offenders will receive a 1 week ban for a first offence. Subsequent abuse of the PM facility will result in a permanent ban.

11. Post counts: Spamming meaningless posts to increase your post count and gain access to classifieds sales is not permitted and action will be taken against anyone doing this, including (but not limited to) temporary suspension of posting rights and deletion of spam posts

12. Signatures: The maximum length of a signature is 255 characters. You are permitted a maximum of two images in your signature, and the maximum size of each image is 500px x 100px (width x height). Any images larger than the maximum will be automatically resized to fit within those dimensions. UK Vapers reserves the right to edit any signatures that the admin team consider to be too long, take up too much space, are offensive, libellous or otherwise undesirable. If your signature is edited, you will be informed by PM and you must not re-instate the previous signature

13. Editing / Removing your posts: Members are able to edit their posts for an unlimited period of time. However, you must not disrupt a thread by removing the content all your posts in it as this is considered rude and disrespectful to the other contributors to the thread. Members who do this may be placed in an alternative member group that limits edit permissions. Members cannot remove their own posts - if you want a post removing, please use the report post to alert a moderator. There is no guarantee that a post will be removed, however and any decision made by the moderators is final.

14. Social networks: By posting on this site, you grant UK Vapers explicit permission to post links to any post made on UK Vapers to our social network pages and / or feeds, and to copy titles and post content across at our discretion.

15. Copyrighted Material: We would remind all members that copyright infringement is a serious offence and it is your responsibility when posting information from elsewhere on the internet to ensure you are not breaching copyright by doing so. When articles are behind a paywall, you must not post any content of that article apart from the headline and a link to the article in question. UK Vapers operates a takedown policy - If you are a copyright holder and believe your copyright has been breached by someone on this forum, refer to this policy (link) for more information.

16. Items for Sales or Trade: Any items for sale or trade must only be posted in the relevant classifieds section. The ability to post in the classifieds section is limited based on your user type and how long you have been a member of the forum - please read and follow the classifieds rules. Posting items for sale or trade outside of the classifieds section, or otherwise trying to "get around" the requirements for posting items for sale or trade is considered a serious breach of the rules and can lead to suspension or banning.

17. Thread Bumping: Please do not bump threads with a single "bump" post - if you want to bump a thread, do it by adding something worthwhile to the debate. See the classified rules for specific rules regarding bumping in sales threadsd

18. Email Notifications: You can opt for the forum to send you email notifications with for events such as new Private Messages. If you choose to use this, you must not have an auto-responder on the email account that is receiving these emails as it causes unnecessary and annoying volumes of auto-responder emails to be sent to the admin staff. If you have an auto-responder, your email notifications will be disabled by a member of the admin staff.

19. Private Communications: You must not post the contents of private communications (including but not limited to forum private messages) on the main forum or disseminate them elsewhere without the permission of the other person(s) involved in the communication. Action (including suspensions and bans) will be taken against anyone found to be breaking this rule. For the avoidance of doubt, any post in a restricted access forum is considered private to the members who can access that forum and must not be disseminated to anyone who does not have access to that forum

20. Anonymous Email Addresses: You must not register for UK Vapers with an anonymous email address. Anyone doing so will be required to provide a non-anonymous email address before their account is activated

21. "Clones": The following rules apply to "clone" or mass produced copies of a specific device

UKV management understand that copying of devices is inevitable, and don't want to deny members information about such things. But the practice of certain companies producing copies of another company's product and effectively "passing it off" - often as a cheap alternative - is an activity which in most areas would result in legal action. Sadly, most small ecig makers cannot afford such action, and also the copying companies often operate in countries where copyright and intellectual property rights are less well respected. We feel that small companies deserve respect for their work and would like to see this sort of practice end. We can never achieve this, but the rules below are our attempt to help.

These rules refer to "named clones" - a named clone is a device which is essentially a copy of another device and which is being advertised using the same name, a similar name designed to link it in the mind of any reasonable person with the existing device, or which refers to the existing device in such a way as to imply it is essentially identical to that device.

Discussion of named clones by ordinary UKV members is NOT banned.

a) Members will not make posts which are designed to promote "named clone" devices by providing information on or linking to their sellers. For the avoidance of doubt, "promotion of named clones" includes euphemisms and other "hints" towards them and their availability from a seller.

b) Members must not post a "general" link to a vendor's site (i.e. to the main shop page or home page) if the front page or main shop page of that site promotes the sale of named clones. Links to specific (non-named clone) items on such vendors' site are, however, permitted

c) vendors must not, under any circumstances advertise any device as a clone/copy of an existing device and must not advertise items that are sold as a named clone of an existing item at all on UK Vapers

Any vendor breaking this rule risks sanctions (including, but not limited to, suspensions, bans and removal of vendor status)

22. Political and Religious topics. These sorts of topics are typically very controversial and generate heated arguments. The discussion of the political aspect of vaping is allowed on the main forums, but other political and religious discussions must be confined to the "Political, Religious and Social Issues" forum. This forum is hidden unless you join an optional group (so if you're not interested in seeing this sort of debate they will be hidden). Please see this thread for more information and instructions on how to join the group and participate in the PRSI forum: We allow more robust discussion in this forum due to the heated nature of many of the debates but personal attacks are still not permitted
Political and religious posts anywhere else on UK Vapers may be edited or removed at the discretion of the moderators.

23. Health Claims: If you post a health claim (positive or negative) as fact, then that claim must be substantiated with cited sources: It is not enough to say "my mate told me" - provide links to published sources. For the avoidance of doubt, this only applies to actual claims presented as fact, not questions regarding the effects of vaping.

In other words, anything that presents as fact a claim about the effects of vaping on health would require a citation to back the claim up, but questions such as "Are there any effects of flavourings in e-liquid" would not as they are questions. Anything that does not comply with this rule will be moved to the wasteland or deleted.

24. Status Updates: The status updates facility is designed for short "statuses" that do not warrant their own thread. They should not be used for lengthy topics that would be better in a forum thread. Please do not post links (URLs) in status updates as they don't get formatted as clickable links and mess up the formatting. Any status updates containing links will be removed

25. Personal Information: You MUST NOT under any circumstances post a members "personally identifiable information" on the public forum. This includes (but is not limited to) real name, address, e-mail address or telephone number. Offending posts will be edited or removed and action will be taken (including warnings, suspensions and bans) against anyone who breaches this rule

26. Posting Links: There are no problems with users posting occasional links to products that they believe may be helpful to other members (as long as the products are not in contravention of our rules and the links are not affiliate links). However, please avoid excessive posting of links as this may be construed as hidden advertising. If we feel your link posting activity is excessive we may contact you to ask you to reduce the frequency of posting links, remove posts or take other action we deem to be necessary and appropriate

Vendors - suppliers and others with a commercial interest
The following additional rules apply to all suppliers and other users with a commercial interest in the Electronic Cigarette Industry or associated industries.

IMPORTANT:UK Vapers have neither the time or resources to police vendor activity in the context of the new TPD regulations (See: Nevertheless we expect all UK Vapers vendor members to comply with TPD requirements when posting on UK Vapers (including on locations linked to in UK Vaper posts). If our attention is drawn to posts in breach of this requirement we will take appropriate action, ranging from removal of offending posts to (in repeat cases) suspension of vendor accounts. In addition, we will not activate any vendors who have non TPD-compliant items for sale

We will not accept vendor registrations from any vendor that has pictures of or links to named clones either on their home page or main shop page.

You will be placed under the Vendor membership category if you are a supplier, manufacturer, affiliate or have any other vested commercial interest related to personal vapourisers (electronic cigarettes).

1. Commercial Interest: If you have any commercial interest in the personal vapouriser (electronic cigarette) industry, you must notify us by using the Contact Us forum. Failure to do so may result in the removal of your account. You will be placed in a special usergroup which adds a small graphic to your profile, this graphic will notify other members that you have a commercial interest. Any vendors advertising on the forum before completing the process and gaining vendor status will be suspended for 7 days with no exceptions, and any repeat offences will result in a permanent ban.

2. Posting rights: Commercial members have the same posting rights as regular members and are not restricted to certain areas of the forum with the following exceptions:
  • You may not post new threads in the review sections (including e-liquid reviews), but may reply to existing ones
  • You may not post new threads in the classifieds sections, but may reply to existing ones
  • You may not post at all in the Introductions or Absolute Beginners sections
  • You may not post a reply to another vendor's thread in Vendor News or in another vendor's forum
However please use common sense and discretion when responding to threads or posts, and remember that direct advertising is not permitted.

3. Where to post: The Vendors News forum is a place where you may post about your products and special offers. You will be unable to post new threads there until you're a member of the Vendors usergroup. Again, please use discretion - one or two posts a week is fine, several posts per day is not.

4. Replying to other vendors: UKV Vendor Members may NOT post in threads started by other vendors in the Vendor News forum or subforums belonging to other vendors. Any vendor having concerns about something posted by another vendor in these forum areas should contact UKV management via Contact Us

5. Promotion: Advertising anywhere apart from in the Vendors News forum without prior arrangement is absolutely forbidden and is considered to be spam (this includes the status updates facility which may not be used for advertising under any circumstances. Spamming will not be tolerated, whether via forum posts, private messages or emails to members and will be instantly removed. Repeat offenders (and obvious spam bots) will have their accounts terminated. Any vendors posting adverts on UK Vapers' social networks will be banned from both the social network page and the forum. Any vendor using shill accounts to promote their company will be permanently banned

6. Links: You are permitted one single link in your signature which points to your business website. If there is more than one link present your signature will be edited by a member of staff.

7. Competitions: Any competition or giveaway posted on UKV must be open to all forum members and must NOT REQUIRE people to have accounts on other platforms, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Any post requiring such things will be removed and those posting it will be subject to warnings and possible suspensions.

All of the above is subject to change at any time. A community is not a static entity and our rules will reflect that. If the rules change at any time a post will be made below informing members that there have been changes.

If you are unsure whether the content of your post is likely to break the rules, please contact us before posting to the forums.

If you do not agree to these rules or future changes / additions, you may request deletion of your account. The owners will not however, in accordance with the above, remove any messages already posted under your account and said posts will still have your account name attached to them.
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