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3D printed squonker 80w predator box mod from Yiloong
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RE: 3D printed squonker 80w predator box mod from Yiloong
This is what I wrote over at

Quote:First impressions - unimpressed at $35, laughable at $55.

First off - it is obviously 3d printed from the lines that run through the body.

The top of my mod is not flat but bowed - the gap between door and body is greater in the middle than the sides.
The door does not fit flush with the body but is 2mm proud at the top. At the bottom of the door there is a gap between door and body as if the magnet was opposing not attracting. But that is not the case. As I press down on the door, there is no movement near the top but 3mm of play at the base. Where the magnets have been fitted in the door, there are raised lumps on the top side of the door.

Batteries are slack when inserted - there is very little tension. My VTC4As roll about and drop out. 25Rs stay in (just). There are no markings for battery polarity. I had to assume that the smaller contact was positive.

Squonking action is fine if a little bit stiff. Buttons are clicky but the - button sticks occasionally and sadly it doesn't round robin.

The board is primitive - about as sophisticated as a Vamo - no TC and the resistance measurement looks inaccurate. 40W on this feels like 24W on a VTinbox. It was firing a 0.17ohm coil but I have changed to a fresh battery and now it just flashes at me. Charge rate is 800mA.

Basically, it is usable but feeling the door flap irritates me. The 2 Boxer mechanical mods that arrived on the same day are orders of magnitude better in build quality and they can fire my 0.17ohm coils.

The body has a texture close to emery paper. I currently have an elastic band round it to keep the door from flapping. The door problem is because the magnets in the door are not flush with the surface and are twisted slightly causing the lift at the base. Battery life seems reasonable. Would I buy another - no!
05/07/17 03:49 PM
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RE: 3D printed squonker 80w predator box mod from Yiloong
I've been lucky, my door fits perfectly with a good strong click , mine is also a little rough, not uncomfortable to use tho, maybe I'm too used to metal and wood mods, so far mine is sitting at 55w and feels fairly close

vaping is a passion ,not just a hobby,

05/07/17 05:23 PM
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