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Almost ready to give up
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RE: Almost ready to give up
Problem is, all your concentrates will behave differently (require different steeping, different %'s etc). Its trail and error.
Best thing to do is make some DIY up, put it to one side (keep black book of notes/recipes used to make it) and then carry on vaping pre-made. Come back to your DIY every week and try it. This will also allow you to understand how the concentrate behaves as it steeps. Once you have found what you want you can then start making large batches which is where the all savings will come from.

Don't throw what you have away, keep it and come back to it. Time and steeping are sooooooooooo important with DIY, it can be easy to become impatient and try mixes too quickly only to be put off by a chemically/floral taste... Been mixing nearly 3 years now (Dekang Desert ship was the last pre-made I purchased in Dec 2012!) and while my flavour inventory isn't huge (in fact I don't really blend more than 3 flavours these days.... usually no blending, just use the concentrate), I can honestly say not a single juice has tasted the same from the start til after steeping for an undisclosed amount of time.

Keep at it, you will reap the rewards in time...Good luck!

P.S Flavour Art uses low %'s so start low... I would say make a tester bottles of 2% and 5% and see how they are after 1 week.
25/08/15 12:25 PM
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RE: Almost ready to give up
I was the same till I tried garnier81 flavourart recipes. They're well worth a look. I cant invent a decent flavour for toffee (groan) but luckily I can stand on the shoulders of giants and save a few quid!
25/08/15 08:05 PM
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