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Coolfire IV
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RE: Coolfire IV
Hi Yozza,

One of the reasons you may have enjoyed your pen style ecig more may be down to the juice you have been using with it. If it is the type that takes cartos then they will come with, generally, 70/30 or 80/20 pg/vg ratio juice. If this is the case then you will get more throat hit than from a 50/50 ratio juice. Plus prefilled cartos will most likely contain higher mg juice than you would use in a subtank. You do not say what you are using so I am only guessing.

I have been using the coolfire iv myself until recently and gave it to a work mate with a couple of protanks as he wanted to try vaping and was using a pen and carto style set up which was frustrating him due to poor battery life and expensive replacement cartos.

You should be able to use the coolfire with any mtl tank and get a satisfying hit from it. With protanks you are looking at around needing only 7 watts of power which will give you all day battery life. The Aspire tanks are very well thought of and were all the rage on here a few years back before sub ohming became more popular. I think they only need between 10 and 15 watts so again the coolfire should be fine. Personally I have never liked them and have stuck with the Protanks - particularly the Protank 2 for years. It has become harder to find them but fasttech still sell them for around £10 and a pack of 5 atties can be picked up for under £3. You can also of course make your own.

I know the Tron-S is also a popular mtl tank and have one on order after reading peoples comments on here - these again are inexpensive but I cant comment on it yet.

If it is the style and size of the coolfire you do not like then there are a lot of mini style mods out at the moment which you may find a better fit - Phil Busardo reviewed about 7 or 8 of them over a couple of videos and they are worth watching.

Let us know exactly what you are using and what you like about it and what you don't like about the coolfire and it will be easier for people to point you in the right direction.
11/01/17 02:07 AM
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