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Geekvape Aegis malfunction
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Geekvape Aegis malfunction
Hi guys,

A couple of days ago, I had a very unfortunate accident with my Geekvape Aegis mod. I was on the tube when I noticed a very unpleasant smell but did not clock that my Aegis mod was the cause until a fellow tube passanger alerted me to the fact that there was smoke coming out of my coat pocket!

Long story short, I suspect that the mod was firing non-stop because it was not locked/switched off and was pressing against something else in the same pocket. By the time I took out the battery to stop it from fuming, the delrin drip tip on the stock atty that came with the kit had melted and it was hot enough to burn my hand and leave a nasty scar.

It was stupid of me to carry it in my pocket with other objects without locking the mod, but aren’t these devices suppose to have savety features to prevent this kind of thing to happen? To be honest, this incident left me quite shaken. I’ve seen stories about ecigs going wrong, but usually brush it off as freak accidents or exaggerations to fear-monger. Easy to dismiss until something like this happens to your personally!

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12/01/18 09:20 PM
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RE: Geekvape Aegis malfunction
It's supposed to have a 10 second cut off. Maybe movement meant that it was constantly being pressed and released and pressed again. But then it's also supposed to have an 85 degrees C cutoff on the board. If that was working then I guess the internals of the mod are well heat insulated and the only issue was the atty temperature.

But not a good experience, one that can be learned from.
12/01/18 09:58 PM
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