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Help us save vaping
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RE: Help us save vaping
(19/03/18 07:30 PM)nisam Wrote:  I'd be fairly certain that this is one area which will see further regulation. The 10ml bottle limit and 2ml tank limit were idiotic and I can see those being subject to review, should the law be changed. The 20mg/ml limit on nicotine liquids is also daft, but due to the fact that the substance does require some measure of care, there could be a strong argument for keep this limit in place (I happen to disagree).

As for short fill liquids? These products are intended for inhalation and there was/is/will be a strong argument in favour of some form of testing. Most people were broadly in favour of nicotine containing liquids being tested and this work around has been so widely exploited that the industry will bring further regulation upon itself. It's somewhat ironic that prior to TPD implementation the vaping industry was generally successful in self regulation, but since its implementation we've seen a free for all, with many vendors out to grab every penny they can. Many manufacturers who have gone through the expensive process of notification now legitimately offer short fill liquids as they're in danger of being wiped out by those who have never cared one iota for the health of their customers.

Harsh but true! from voluntary regulation in anticipation of statutary regulation by respected brands we now have a bolt hole where there is no regulation - the DIY mixers in their various forms.

It's well known that the dangers of Nicotine Fluid are greatly exaggerated, otherwise I'd be dead! I'd rather spill 72mg fluid on my hands than strong bleach or Sodium Hydroxide, both of which are freely available.

Oh, the good old daysWink
19/03/18 11:22 PM
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Help us save vaping
They knew what they were doing with the regulations, but I think they evil twats were hoping for someone ending up with nicotine poisoning after importing pure nic from China, then being able to justify a complete ban.

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20/03/18 09:31 AM
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