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In view of the constant arguments about Fasttech and their practices of selling both named and un-named clones - which are causing the moderation and administrative teams excessive work in managing the forum - we have decided that all discussion of Fasttech and their products will be moved to a single sub-forum, which can be found here: (it's a sub forum of Shopping)

This forum will be opt-in for registered members only (like the Politics sub-forum). Please note that ALL UK Vapers rules will still apply - including those regarding named-clones - and be strictly enforced. We will move all existing FastTech threads into this forum over time

As mentioned above, this is a restricted forum, in as much as you have to join the FastTech group before you will see the posts in it: This means that if you're not interested in these topics at all, you'll never see them unless you join the group. For the avoidance of doubt, anything and everything that is to do with FastTech should go in the new subforum (including reviews of their products)
To join the FastTech group, click this link: (you won't be able to do this until your account has been activated)
and then click the "Join Group" at the right hand side and once that's been done you will see the new subforum under shopping. You can leave the FastTech group by clicking the Leave Group link (which is only visible if you're actually in it!)

This is not open to debate or discussion so I'm locking this topic
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18/10/13 10:12 PM
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