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Important: Moderation on UK Vapers - please read
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Important: Moderation on UK Vapers - please read
There have recently been several questions and misunderstandings about the moderation process on UK Vapers and this is an attempt to clarify the process.

Moderation on UK Vapers is done in accordance with our published rules and we seek to apply the rules evenly and fairly to everyone. no-one likes to have their posts moderated and it is a natural human reaction to be annoyed or upset when it happens. However, that does not mean you have been unfairly moderated, that there is a conspiracy against you or that some users are being "picked on" while others have a blind eye turned. Moderation decisions are made solely by the admin and moderation teams and are done so impartially by the rules: we do not favour any members over others and anyone breaking the rules will be subject to moderation

We run UK Vapers on a restricted budget (it is funded entirely by the 3 members of the admin team) which means we do not have the time or resources to read every post that's made: We ask therefore that members help us by reporting any posts that break the rules so it is brought to our attention and can be dealt with. Reporting a post is private and confidential and no-one except the admin/mod team can read details of your report. We will never divulge the identity of people reporting posts.

Please be aware that reporting a post does not automatically mean your complaint will be upheld, but all reports will be considered and action taken where it is deemed appropriate by the team.

We would ask that members report posts that are in breach of our rules so the moderation team can deal with them; You are free to post your own rebuttal to posts that you find offensive but that rebuttal must be compliant with the forum rules. For example, if someone posts something that is racist, misogynistic, etc, you are fully entitled to call them out on that post, but you must do so in a way that remains within the forum rules (including, but not exclusively, the "no personal insults" rule): Members that break the rules of the forum risk sanctions whether they were the instigator or not.

We have a rule that moderating decisions may not be questioned or discussed on the forum. This is not done to be awkward or stifle free speech but rather to protect the privacy of people who have been moderated: we will never discuss moderating decisions on the open forum for the same reasons.

If you have any questions regarding a moderation decision then please PM the relevant mod or start a thread in Contact Us to discuss the issue with the Admin Team. We will, however, only discuss moderation actions taken against yourself: moderation of other users will at all times remain confidential between the user and the team. Posts in contact us are private between yourself and the admin team - other members and the moderators do not have access to posts you make in there.

Also, please be aware that private messages are just that - neither the moderators nor the admin team have any access to read other people's private messages so if you receive an inappropriate private message, please use the contact us forum to report the issue and be prepared to provide details of the offending message

If people follow the rules and these guidelines then UK Vapers will be a better place for everyone
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