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Joyetech EXCEED Box E-cig Kit and E-liquid £40
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Joyetech EXCEED Box E-cig Kit and E-liquid £40
We have at last bowed to customer demand by stocking an Ecig kit that we have tried and tested.

Designed for flavour, the Joyetech EXCEED Box has a 3000mAh integrated battery, accurate battery indicator,
two output modes and comes kitted with the EXCEED D22C Tank. This is a palm sized e-cig, which packs in
visual appeal and functionality while being ideal for a wide range of vapers.

Included in the kit is a FREE 10ml bottle of Ready To Vape E-liquid in a choice of 50 flavours and 3 Nicotine strengths.
Descriptions of the flavours can be viewed by scrolling down and clicking the 'RTV Flavour Descriptions' tab on the product page.
Whether you are just making the transition from cigarettes to vaping, or are a vaper looking for a discreet device that delivers,
the Exceed Box Kit is a little gem. The EXCEED Box does not require a degree in geek technology to operate the device, it is
satisfyingly simple to use.

Before we decided to add hardware to our range of liquids and flavourings, it was important to know the device and test its reliability,
so for the past few months I have been using an Exceed Box on a daily basis, mostly with a higher Nicotine strength around 18mg/ml
with the 1.2OHM coil, and 10mg/ml with the 0.5OHM coil. Using the higher strength means that I get the Nicotine satisfaction after
just a few drags and with minimum visible vapour.

Replacement Atomisers Pack of 5 for £10 click here.

What’s In The Box?

Kit Contents:

1 x Joyetech EXCEED Box
1 x Joyetech EXCEED D22C Tank
2 x EX atomizer heads
1 x USB cable
1 x User manual


Battery capacity – 3000mAh
Tank capacity – 2ml
Atomizer resistance – 1.2ohm Mouth To Lung (MTL). 0.5ohm Direct To Lung (DTL)
Output modes – Constant voltage / Direct output (constant wattage)
Dimensions – 25mm x 41mm x 104mm

Product Features

Two Output Modes

The EXCEED Box has two output modes, constant voltage and direct output. Simple to operate, an LED band around the top of the box
will indicate your current mode while dual circuit protection will keep you vaping safe. Clicking the fire button three times in quick succession
when the device is switched on will change the output between modes; the LED ring around the top of the casing will flash either red or white.
red for constant wattage, white for constant voltage. If you do not like the LED light around the top, you can turn it off; remove the tank or
turn the device off, then hold the fire button in for around ten seconds until the LED flashes. To turn it back on, use the same procedure.

Easy Top Fill

Unscrewing the top cap reveals the e-liquid inlets, great for on the go top ups. The D22C Tank disassembles for easy cleaning and maintenance.
The top cap is designed to be child resistant and must be pressed down and turned to unscrew, similar to the caps on medicine bottles.
When replacing the cap, screw it on then press down and give a little turn until it is finger tight.

Refined Airflow Control

Whether you prefer an open draw, or prefer your vape more restricted, it is easy to achieve with the EXCEED D22C thanks to its
refined airflow control system. The ring around the bottom of the tank has a cut out which controls the airflow and ranges from
wide open for Direct To Lung inhaling, to almost closed for Mouth To Lung inhaling. The silver coloured plate you can see has
tiny holes for a more restricted airflow (MTL), while the open part of the ring allows a free airflow (DTL).
Just turn the ring to suit your preference.

Battery Indicator

On the top of the device, by the tank, is a clear circular display with five LED segments that light up, each one representing approximately
20% battery charge, so 20 40 60 80 100, this makes it easy to see when your battery needs recharging. The battery can be recharged
before it runs down completely.

Atomiser Replacement

Changing the Atomiser is quite straightforward. Unscrew the tank from the battery box, then unscrew the top cap by pushing it down
and turning anti-clockwise, similar to the caps on medicine bottles. Rinse the cap with cold water and set aside. rinse the tank to
remove any liquid residue by running cold water in through the fill holes at the top, then unscrew the top portion above the glass to
separate it from the bottom. Unscrew the Atomiser and discard, then give the internal surfaces a wipe with a piece of kitchen roll or
tissue to dry them. Screw in the replacement Atomiser and drip a few drops of your liquid down into the centre, rotating it as you
do so to spread the liquid around; this priming of the Atomiser reduces any risk of a 'dry hit' when you take your first draw.
Replace the glass and top portion by screwing to the bottom section carefully; only finger tight so that you do not strain or crack the glass.
Fill the tank with your liquid, replace the top cap, and allow a couple of minutes for the liquid to saturate the Atomiser. Now you are good to go.
Once you have changed an Atomiser, you will find it is probably quicker than reading these instructions, but we like to be thorough and make
things as easy as possible for you.







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