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Latest Update from MHRA re Notifications
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RE: Latest Update from MHRA re Notifications
(04/01/17 10:15 PM)QuinnDexter Wrote:  Even with the quite large collection of mods, atties, wires, tools, flavourings and the litres of 72mg NIC I've stashed away, I've still spent less than a third of what smoking would have cost me in the same time, and that's the way it should stay.
Smoking is artificially expensive deliberately under the justification that the sin tax applied to it will help to reduce the number of people smoking. It undoubtedly has worked, as did the indoor bans, but it stalled years ago. One of the reasons vaping took off so well in the UK is that it saves people a fortune. The majority of smokers in the UK are on low incomes - the poorer someone is, the more humble their background, the greater the likelihood they will take up the habit. If you take away the cost incentive then the huge amount of progress vaping has already made in helping people get away from digging themselves a smoky grave will slow down massively too.
Nobody could make a reasonable argument that continuing to kill yourself with tobacco is preferable to a healthier life as a vaper, but the same is true of morbid obesity compared to slimmed down fitness and look at how well we're doing fighting that trend. Our "leaders" could choose to subsidise healthy foods, provide state sponsored nutrition and cooking education and free or heavily subsidised public gyms - instead they choose to slap a sin tax on sugary drinks - why encourage people when you can punish them?? Ditch those carrots boys, I've got a f**king big stick!!
If you are poor you are more likely to smoke, to eat fatty foods whilst not exercising, and to die younger. The more incentives we give, including financial, to people on low incomes in order to live healthier lives, the greater the benefit to them and to society as a whole. Healthy workers are more productive, for more years, are less drain on health and social care and above all are happier and therefore more likely to vote for the political party who helped them achieve that prosperity - it's that carrot effect again. Of course if a government's priorities are making a bunch of rich c**ts even richer by taking away the jobs from those low income workers, cutting benefits from those they have already made jobless and abusing the sick and disabled, they probably prefer them all to die young - less drain on the public services they're busy trying to demolish.

Agree that over the 4 years I've been on ecigs, I've saved money, but the stocking up over the last few months has been expensive. No regrets though, except that it was necessary!

Being cynical, the peasants dying young to save on pensions and services and paying tax on fags seems the more likely scenario for government priorities.
04/01/17 10:27 PM
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RE: Latest Update from MHRA re Notifications
Your cynicism is well placed my friend, but whilst it's undoubtedly more likely it doesn't make it any less immoral or downright stupid. Like in most areas of life, governments in most of our world value short term gains and snappy sound bite statistics way above long term stability or efficient, productive societies.

04/01/17 10:41 PM
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RE: Latest Update from MHRA re Notifications
(04/01/17 07:27 PM)Stevethesax Wrote:  There's absolutely no reason on Earth why it should cost anywhere even approaching the cost of smoking.

Yes there is.. and it's called tax... (or that's the plan)

(04/01/17 07:27 PM)Stevethesax Wrote:  Are we supposed to be grateful that we might be allowed to pay through the nose for the privilege of partaking in an action that's precisely what the government has been nagging us to to do for the last couple of decades?

Yes.. especially if they can gain extra revenue from it...

05/01/17 01:38 AM
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RE: Latest Update from MHRA re Notifications
Just because they are listed it does NOT mean that they are TPD compliant post May 20th! The list includes non compliant products that have been 'notified' as required by law and thus still legal to sell until May provided they were manufactured prior to the November deadline. The list does not appear to distinguish between the two categories. ie those that are still sellable up until May 20th and those that will be legal post May 20th. That list (the latter) will be much smaller. Only then will we get a true picture of the impact caused the the legislation.
If retailers don't know this they'll be stuck with a lo of stock. Many will will close at the end of their financial year which will probably be end of march in most cases.

One of Liverpool's first and oldest 'independent' electronic cigarette shop
Now IBVTA member.
14/01/17 10:49 AM
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