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Maker help service
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Maker help service
I'm sure many of you have heard about the Maker community and there are workshops all over the UK. I have just spotted a new service being developed by Heaven Gifts and others which is aimed at us vapers. It's called DeepinMaker. This is something of interest to those who are into making things rather than users, but is the first vaping maker I have seen and for any of our mod makers a way to possibly move their ideas to product in a professional way. deepinmaker

This is a project in partnership with some of the major vaping manufacturers and also some of the major vaping forums including POTV.

I'm sure this is a way to encourage new products to the major maufacturers, but in a way is a good idea for us vapers. There must be a massive amount of creative talent out there with ideas nobody has yet thought of, but they do not have the connections or ability to bring that product to fruition. So while some may see this in a cynical way as manufacturers pinching ideas, I see it the other way round, a great opportunity for some of us vapers. I wish there was something like this in the brewing world.

So if you have that next big idea, check them out.

Video Link


06/11/17 09:09 AM
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