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New Forum - the War Room
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New Forum - the War Room
It has become even more apparent over the last few days that vapers are facing a massive fight ahead to protect our right to choose how we consume nicotine. One of the biggest challenges we face is that the opposition are massively well funded and are also well co-ordinated.

In an attempt to redress the balance we have setup a new forum called, simply, "The War Room". The intention of this forum is to give us somewhere private to discuss options, campaigns and coordinate efforts to get our message across in the most effective way.

As I said above, this forum is private and is not visible to anyone who is not in the "War Room" group. Anyone (including vendors) who thinks they have something to contribute to the efforts (or even just to keep up to date) is welcome to apply for membership of this group by using the contact us forum -

We are keeping it private to prevent search engines and our enemies from snooping on us and for that reason we may ask questions of any new UKV members asking to join: If you apply and we ask questions, please don't be insulted - we have to be very, very careful

We feel this could be a very valuable resource if used in the way we intend and hope plenty of members will join in the fight

One last point - at the risk of sounding clich├ęd: What's discussed in the war room stays in the war room: Anyone divulging details of private conversations in there will have their access to it permanently removed
26/11/13 10:29 PM
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