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Possible new idea
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RE: Possible new idea
(27/05/14 12:30 AM)blacksword Wrote:  I do NOT want to tread on anyone's toes. I am sure a lot of you have put a lot of work and effort into this.
I am a biker, you can imagine how the EU has tried putting so many regulations on bikers.
At no time have any bikers tried forming a political party to fight for the bikers cause.
What we have done, is form an Action Group, to lobby parlaiment and MEP's, with obviously several thousand members in the action group. (MAG= Motorcycle Action Group)
MAG, due to it's 'power of numbers' has accomplished a lot regards EU regulation and 'lobbying of parlaiment'.

MY thoughts are, a political party is not the way to go, an 'action group' will accomplish more, as MAG have proved. You can imagine the amount of disgruntled bikers regards EU regulations,etc, but we never formed a political party.

My suggestion is forming an action group, getting as many members as possible, and that is how you/we can stop EU legislation and parlaimentary rulings. The political parties want our votes.

I have had an idea regards the name.

VE -
1) Vapers Enpowered...(the obvious association with vaping/power/wattage)
2) Also related to 'VE day' (victory in europe)

or -
1) Vapers Enpowered Group
2) VEGatables are healthy, as is vaping.

From my experience as a biker, and the discrimination and regulations we have had to fight, an action group will fight our cause better.

I agree.

I'd have to in a sense, because I'm a biker and have been a member of MAG. It works. I like the VEG name for several reasons. Firstly, as you say, it is naturally associated with healthy things. Also, it's catchy. People will associate with it readily and for the right reasons.

V.E., I'm not so sure about. It has connotations that reflect WWII. That may not be a good idea. Europe should be united over this, not divided.

I'm with you all the way with Vapers Empowered Group, but why not be more outspoken?Try adding a catch-phrase: 'Vaping, yes, cancer no!'

Just a thought.

You could also have 'Vapers' Environmental Group.'

This might be a bit more attractive to a lot of people.

I'm just throwing in a few thoughts.

P.S. I own a Cagiva Raptor that has been totally re-built as a street fighter, including metallic custom gold frame, wheels and still has a clock support made from wood that I meant to replace but quite like, now.
19/09/14 05:45 PM
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RE: Possible new idea
A VEG version of MAG, as has been said before would be welcomed and we VIP would be happy to help a serious attempt to start such .... But as well as, not instead of VIP Smiling

The "about us" section on our website explains our main aim

"Vapers In Power was created over fears that were confirmed when Article 20 section 5 was added to the TPD, a clause that could forbid the promotion of vaping . These proposals could affect Vaping forums, TV and Radio Stations, Vapemeets, advertising, etc.

We consider a registered political party with a manifesto could deter any such moves by the European Union or the UK government before they happen. We also believe that should it then happen we will be well placed to confront such an abuse, with our status as a registered political party."

Add to the above a MAG style initiative Wink

While we would like VIP to do more, maintaining an uncensored voice for vapers is our core aim. VEG or a similar initiative would also need the right to voice their opinions, like every other initiative, so this is what we aim to secure Smiling

PS .... Note Mag has had to deal with legislation that effects bikers, but not legislation that is aimed at silencing bikers .... Had they had too they may have considered a political Party a necessary addition to their campaigns.

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20/09/14 11:54 AM
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