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Premium TPD E Cig uk
Kenneth Offline
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RE: Premium TPD E Cig uk
(11/08/17 06:59 AM)aulolavapour Wrote:  
(08/08/17 11:51 AM)Kenneth Wrote:  The whole website is bullshit, from the ripped off text that they forgot to remove the word blu from, the shill reviews and testimonials and Dave and Daniel's made up life story. They've got some nerve. And wtf is the Photoshopped pub about above? Their address is a clothes wholesaler in Salford.

Please don't judge a company by the website since we won't judge you by your appearances. You never visit our office and zero order at Aulola. Sad

BTW, We are sorry that the website made you unhappy. Facepalm This website is designed by an online website-construction company. Thanks to you, we already asked the website company to re-built our website and change the page photos. You may see the new-look of Aulola Eliquid website two weeks later. Looking forward to your further suggestions.

I just hope that the new site isn't as dishonest as the current one.
11/08/17 10:07 PM
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RE: Premium TPD E Cig uk
Vendors must post in Vendor News not other peoples areas. I have closed this thread and will remove it later.

Member aulolavapour - you must apply for vendor status (post in contact us) or you account will be closed.

This is the last time I will say all this...

I won't slave for beggar's pay,
likewise gold and jewels,
but I would slave to learn the way
to sink your ship of fools

12/08/17 08:47 AM
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