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Smoking in Australia overtakes UK for first time.
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Smoking in Australia overtakes UK for first time.
Looks like we may have some 'circumstantial' evidence that pro-vaping policies are reducing smoking levels.

Or perhaps that should be anti-vaping policies do not decrease smoking levels.
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12/10/17 06:19 AM
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RE: Smoking in Australia overtakes UK for first time.
Yes,it's the 2017 Oceania Tobacco Control Conference starting on Tuesday

Some interesting comments from the organiser

"Marie McInerney

Q: There is deep division in public health over whether e-cigarettes and other smoke-free nicotine delivery systems are a harm reduction tool or a stealth weapon for the tobacco industry. How will the conference explore that tension and the implications of the federal parliamentary committee inquiry into the impact of e-cigarettes on rates of smoking?

Sarah White
A: Well, these are not mutually exclusive! Our challenge, though, is to not let our contempt for the tobacco industry occlude our true objective, which is to reduce the deaths and disease caused by cigarettes. Of course, this is what public health people have been doing for decades, and – in speaking to both “camps”, for want of a better description – I see less division in reality than what there appears to be in public posts and media soundbites.

If one takes a reductive approach and drills down to specific risks and benefits, there are only a few differences in opinion about what the risks and benefits are and how these might be managed. More importantly, shared goals and concerns outnumber and outweigh the differences. Two easy examples… no-one wants children becoming addicted to nicotine delivered in any form, and everyone agrees there should be basic consumer safety standards covering things like device construction, battery quality and liquid labelling. I think we all need to get to that common ground and build from there based on evidence, not ideology one way or the other.

Oceania is going to focus on evidence and experiences of people who have used or are using e-cigarettes. Dr Becky Freeman is presenting a plenary session on a review of the evidence on e-cigarette use specifically for quitting cigarettes; not harm reduction, not dual use, not gateway, not regulatory models. Just what the studies are showing us specifically on whether and how e-cigarettes are helping people to get off tobacco, and what regular users – not the highly vocal vaping advocates – are saying about e-cigarette use. We also have quite a few really interesting presentations from researchers in Oceania on things like patterns of use among smokers and quitters, consumer reasons for dual use, real-time collection of data from e-cigarette users, Indigenous smokers’ perceptions of harm and more."

Dr Becky Freeman is one of Simon Chapman's gang so don't expect anything positive from her
12/10/17 08:03 PM
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RE: Smoking in Australia overtakes UK for first time.
So, basically she's going to say that vaping does very little to help people give up smoking (she'll actually mean nicotine but she'll say smoking). I think everything should be banned: coffee, tea, sugar, medicines, alcohol (even if it's just a beer or a glass of red wine for dinner) and wahtnot. I hear there are holy men who live in caves and survive on donations whilst meditating. Wait! Meditation causes changes in the brain and may therefore induce some kind of addiction!
Maybe we should all be chriogenically frozen...

A site about the facts and history of vaping (but most probably never):
18/10/17 03:28 PM
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