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Starter kit for OAP?
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Starter kit for OAP?
I'm asking for a friend-of-a-friend. Is there a good kit/set-up that would suit an OAP who is a bit wary of fiddly technology and possibly a bit arthritic or vision impaired? I'm looking for something that allows pre-filled cartridges (does anyone do them anymore such that are worth a damn?) or a tank that isn't going to hurt the fingers and be idiot-proof in terms of filling (versus overfilling, spilling, juice in the wrong hole, etc).

To be honest, the SMOK sub-pipe looks almost right in that there's nothing to adjust except the airflow and the tank is simpler to fill than a Nautilus. That is, except that it's not a replaceable battery and doesn't have a micro-USB charging point.

So maybe a similarly simple tank on a big battery with maybe one adjustment (voltage or wattage)?

I've settled on my set-up long ago so don't keep up with things. Thanks in advance!
09/01/17 05:46 PM
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RE: Starter kit for OAP?
How about a Kangertech Subvod Mega?
Top fill tank, 5 click on/off, 3 click temp (nickel) 3 click wattage(preset).
Uses standard subtank mini coils or rba.


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09/01/17 06:20 PM
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Richard46 (07/02/17)
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RE: Starter kit for OAP?
Is this person wanting MTL or DTL experience?

For MTL I would suggest Ego AIO as a great MTL starter kit.
Simple screw in/out replaceable coils.
Decent 2100mah integrated battery
Micro usb charging.
5 click on/off.
Easy to refill as the coil connects to the top lid, so you remove the lid and just fill the integrated tank, the juice cant go anywhere else.
Cant go wrong with it as a simple but effective beginer device.
18/01/17 11:05 AM
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Richard46 (07/02/17)
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RE: Starter kit for OAP?
I am in very much the same position i.e. having to recommend a starter kit for a totally new vaper, not an OAP, in this case I am the OAP, advising the younger non-tech person. but I am a bit out of the loop with starter kit.

Having read the above I am currently going with the Aio because it looks like it is easy to use; easy to obtain and in particular because of the child proof (non-leak?) tank arrangement, she has a five year old.
Only thing puzzling me is that I can only see SS316 heads for it. Does this mean it uses TC and if so is it some kind of pre-set TC because it does not appear to be adjustable. i.e. no screen.

Edit; just remembered that SS works in non-TC mode so perhaps I have answered my own question. Memory is not what it was
Any other suggestions welcome & thanks
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07/02/17 12:02 PM
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RE: Starter kit for OAP?
Had a couple of newbies converted recently so I was faced with the same questions. Realistically a battery is a battery, so their personal preference for either a box or tube would be the first decision together with the size/colour/form factor they may prefer. Personally I point them towards a small internal battery box mod (itaste 20/30 or Innokin Cool Fire4 and the Innokin Kroma which is quite new) then it's a case of what tank? Add in what is their budget and you start to narrow down the options. I always take it as gospel that a newbie won't at first be looking to rebuild coils so the choice of stock coils and their performance/price becomes the key issue.

Most starters start off with MTL vaping, although a recent convert has quickly moved onto DTL, but personally I would always initially make sure the tank was suited to MTL as a DTL tank could put off a new vaper immediately. Better to have them mimic smoking initially via MTL, whilst they get used to vaping and if they subsequently find that DTL suits them replacing the tank isn't a problem. Subsequently I've found that many starter kits don't tick all the boxes so you're faced with buying a separate battery and tank and combining both into a starter package.

From advice/info gleaned here the tanks I have purchased have been the aspire nautilus mini with their excellent BVC coils, the Aspire K3 tank (£10 from that uses the same BVC coils and is half the price and more recently again from a post here this mini tank clearomiser ticks all the boxes and uses the Eleaf GS air coils that seemingly work very well and the tank is ridoucoulsly cheap at under £4 as they come from fastech.

07/02/17 12:55 PM
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Richard46 (07/02/17)
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RE: Starter kit for OAP?
I've got 2 AIOs. They're ridiculously easy to use. I love the design. So simple to fill - no need to make sure you put your ejuice down the side of the tank, just dump it in. Unfortunately I've had trouble with the coils only lasting about 2 days. I've seen others with this problem but also have seen others who have their coils last 1-2 weeks. I must be just unlucky. I was in touch with Joyetech about it and they suggested not tightening the top but this just made my coils last 3 days. They said they didn't know why this was happening. They did send me out a pack of new coils for free though so I can't really fault their customer service. Because of this though I can't really recommend it but you may be luckier with the coils than I've been. Unfortunately I don't know of any other devices that are as easy to use though the Aspire Pockex looks similar? (I've not tried it). If you do go for the AIO don't go for the black one cos the max fill line is impossible to see. I just have to guess. The silver one is a little better but the other ones are the best.

I'm currently using an Aspire K3 and it's been great so far, if a little airy and sometimes it's hard to get the bottom off to fill - it kind of sticks. It's harder to fill cos you need to make sure you don't get juice down the centre but that's true for most tanks. I just wonder if it's too fiddly for an elderly person with arthritis and vision problems? For ease of use the AIO wins by a mile.
07/02/17 01:51 PM
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