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Text Review Digiflavor Drop RDA
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Digiflavor Drop RDA
Hi UKVapers, in this review i take a look at the Drop RDA, a collaboration between Digiflavor and Vaping Chronicles. The Digiflavor Drop was kindly supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Pearl from Cigabuy.

In the Box



1 x Digiflavor DROP RDA
1 x 810 Drip Tip
1 x Ultem 810 Drip Tip
1 x Allen Key
1 x Bottom Feed Positive Pin
1 x User Manual
Spare Parts



When first opening the box my thought was "this is very interesting", this is because the airflow is a very interesting design but also stands out as an aesthetic feature of the tank. The airflow is a series of 10 holes forming a large T shape, it comprises of a row of 4 holes and 3 rows of 2 holes and is eye catching. The airflow starts very high on the sleeve and even the bottom row is exactly halfway up the RDA, so it will be interesting how this works. I received the silver version which has a black base and top-cap, there is also a black version which reverses the colours. The sleeve interlocks with the base with the cut-outs on the bottom of the sleeve being directly under the T's (again adding an aesthetic feature). Directly above the T (formed by airflow holes) is the word "DROP" in bold lettering, and the black top-cap has slight texturing to help with grip for adjusting the airflow. All the aesthetic features mentioned are identical on front and back of the RDA and is finished off with a wide bore frosted drip tip. There is also a more narrower Ultem 810 drip tip provided as well as a 510 adaptor, so plenty of choices. Looking at the dimensions of the Drop it's very similar in size to the Goon.



Digiflavor DROP RDA 24mm features 4 huge post holes, the ability to place your coils with ease and plenty of space for cutting your leeds after you have placed your coils in the posts. The conical shaped top cap provides smooth and uninterrupted airflow. The juice well is deep and spacious, combined with the non-intrusive post placement allows for perfect liquid disbursement no matter how you vape.
- 4 large post holes allowing for easy coil placement, and maximum build space with open access to trim excess.
- Stepped airflow design provides precise control while maintaining an ultra smooth and whistle free experience.
- Deep and spacious juice well with perfect post placement allows for leak free convenient dripping access.
- Locking top cap guarantees perfect airflow positioning which makes adjusting airflow much easier.
- Conical shaped top cap provides smooth and uninterrupted airflow.
- 2 different sized 810 drip tips and a 510 drip tip adapter included for personal preferences.
- Standard 510 pin and raised BF squonk 510 pin is included.
- 510 threading connection
- 24mm overall diameter
- Colours: Black, Silver


Build Deck

In general build decks of late are easy to build on, as the difference in flavour between them is getting so marginal it isn't in a manufacturers interest to make it a tricky build as people will look elsewhere, but the Drop isn't easy (it's mega easy). The deck has 4 nice sized posts, but the coils are fixed in place through the top of the posts then screwed from the sides (like a postless deck) giving you all the room in the world to position the coils and apart from small micro coils (larger micro coils are fine) you can use whatever size coils you wish (post holes are large). The posts have large cut outs in them giving you access to easily trim your coil legs it really is mega easy. What you are left with is your coils raised high above the deck, so now the high airflow is making sense. The Drop has a nice deep juice well and also comes with a raised squonk pin which i immediately fitted before doing my build as i only really use RDA's for squonking. When wicking the Drop you need to have a good 2cm of cotton either side of the coil so it will reach down to the juice well so more than what you would normally have.


Airflow System

As mentioned, this as a very interesting airflow design which you can understand more when you pull the top cap out of the sleeve. The top-cap as a stair design so as you turn you open or close each separate hole one at a time. To explain, if the airflow is fully open and you turn the top-cap, each hole of the top row closes one at a time, then the holes in the second row close and so on. so you can have as many holes open as you wish from 10 right down to 1. With the airflow fully open and where it is positioned in relation to the coils you can see the top row is giving coverage to the top and outsides of the coil, the second row hits the underside, then the bottom two rows go below the coil so when the air from both sides meet in the middle it only has one way to go, up (giving coverage to the inner sides of the coils), so the complete coil has coverage this is made certain by the way the sleeve interlocks with the base ensuring the airflow is lined up with the coils perfectly.



I squonked with the Drop and it's great. The flavour was absolutely top notch and clouds none too shabby. I also noticed for an RDA it was on the quieter side and no annoying whistle. The deep juice well and very high airflow makes the Drop ideal for squonking with no worries about leaking. I only get certain things to review, so i can't say the Drop is the best RDA out there but it's the best one i've used.



Excellent Flavour
Perfect for Squonking
Super Easy Build
Good Cloud Production
Well Designed
Unique Airflow System (will be copied no doubt)
Included Raised BF Pin
510 Adaptor


My dislike is, as a reviewer you want at least a couple of things to put in this section even if there petty but i typed "Dislikes" 30 minutes ago and if i can't think of anything to fault the Drop on after 30 minutes then i have to say no dislikes.



The Geekvape Zeus has become the RTA i use by choice, the Digiflavor Drop has now become my RDA of choice.

I would once again like to thank Pearl from Cigabuy for supplying the Digiflavor Drop RDA.
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06/12/17 10:24 PM
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