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Text Review Mod 101 - EHPRO
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Mod 101 - EHPRO
Hi UKVapers, In this review i take a look at the Mod 101 by Ehpro. The Ehpro Mod 101 was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Emma from Buybest.



This is one for those that like the tubular form but also like fully regulated adjustable devices. The Mod 101 from Ehpro is a 22mm diameter, 50w max device which is fully adjustable, has full TC suite and also Bypass mode.

In the Box



1 x Ehpro MOD 101
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card
1 x Battery Safety Card


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Mod 101 comes in cardboard packaging with lift up lid, I received a Silver device and to the best of my knowledge Silver is the only available colour. There is very little to describe as it's a plain Silver tube with few features, the tube is in three sections but even this is not an aesthetic feature as the machining and threading is such high quality the joints are seamless so not visible. The device also has a some reassuring weight to it in fact it's just all round high quality. The Front has a 0.49 rectangular screen towards the top, the reverse in the same position see's a round Silver fire button with nice machined finish. The base we have the battery fastener with handle which tightens onto the battery, this looks to be Gold plated (if not seems a durable finish), on this is printed safety stamps. Moving to the top we have branding and a spring loaded, Gold plated 510. As with tubular shaped devices it feels very comfortable in the hand and is very portable.

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101 Mod Specs and Features:

​​​Size: 112 x 22mm
Wattage Range: 5 - 50W
Output Voltage: 0.5 - 8V
Working Modes: TC/PC (power control)
Resistance: 0.1-3.0ohm
Battery Type: single 18650/18350 (not included)
Display Screen: 0.49 inch OLED
Exquisite pen-style TC MOD
Convenient one button operation
Stable and high performance working modes
Thread: 510
Colour: Stainless Steel


Battery Options

The Tube is actually in 3 parts which is screwed together plus the base fastener that has a little turning lever to tighten it onto the battery. The reason for the different sections is because originally the Mod 101 was designed to take a single 18650, single 18500 or 18350. When it was first released the base fastener secured by screwing in position from the outside of both extension tubes giving you all the battery options but with the version i received the base fastener only fits the 3rd section and gets screwed in position from the inside. The diameter of the bottom opening of tube 3 is now smaller than the fastener preventing it from being removed from the outside, as well as this, the fastener section just falls straight through section 2 and is too small for the threading so fitting an 18500 battery is now not possible. To fit an 18650 simply have all tube pieces attached and tighten the fastener on to the battery. To fit an 18350 remove the middle tube section, place the battery in position then fasten on the end section of the tube (which has the fastener fitted) and again tighten the fastener. The last thing to note is there is no USB port on the device so no option for charging your battery in the device.

İmage İmage İmage

Using the Mod 101

The MOD 101 is a fully regulated tubular mod with full TC suite and bypass mode, the menu is so very simple but has to be as it is navigated using a single button that really get's some getting use to (the trick is to know when to click and know when to pause for 2 seconds). To turn the device on and off is 5 clicks of the fire button and once on the very small screen is nice and bright with only necessary information displayed making it uncluttered and easy to read. Top left we have your wattage, top right the battery bar indicator, bottom left the resistance and finally bottom right the volts. When in temp control the watts become temperature and volts becomes wattage. To enter the menu system is 3 clicks of the button which brings up power option, each click of the button takes you to the next option, when you are on the option you want to select you do nothing (gets some getting use to) as the button not clicked for 2 seconds selects the current option. The options are Power Set, Work mode set, Calibr Init (which i believe is something to do with calibrating the resistance for Nickel coils, but i might be wrong) Display mode right/left and Exit menu. All the way through the menu system pressing the button takes you to next option then to choose option is pausing without a click, then alter by clicking the button then yet again pausing sets your choice. When power set is on the screen waiting will bring up your wattage to alter, if you are currently using temp control this will be setting wattage for temp control then waiting will change the screen again to allow for setting the temperature. If you are currently in wattage mode power set only brings up setting wattage and skips the temperature. Work mode set gives you the options of, Mode 1 Ni, Mode 2 Ti, Mode 3 SS, Mode 4 Power Mode, Mode 5 Bypass and back. One thing to note is when in Bypass mode you still have all the safety features and the device has a 50w cap.


My Experience with the Mod 101

From a getting a decent vape point of view it's good, it really is and fires instantly. How well it performs in temp control i would have no idea, i paired it up with a couple of MTL 22mm RTA's and have absolutely no complaints about it's performance. The one button operation though really isn't for me i just find all the pausing and remembering when you need to pause in the first place (as the natural thing would be to click to select) was a bit of a pain, but after saying that someone who is using this device all the time would find it just comes as second nature then what is a con to me would be a big pro to them as the menu system itself is so simple. Any atty's over 22mm will overhang but i would imagine a 50w max device would be more ideal for the MTL user. Because there is no USB port on the device no upgrading is possible.

İmage İmage

18500 Option

If anyone could shed light on why the design of the device has changed so the option of using an 18500 battery is no longer possible i would love to know.



Excellent quality
machining and threading top notch
Joints between tube sections not visible
Good Ergonomics
Clear Display
Very easy menu system
Temp control
Performed very well for me in power mode
Choice between 18650 battery or 18350 battery


One button menu takes some getting use to.
No USB (no upgrading or charging in the device)
Only 50W
Atty's over 22mm will overhang


I would once again like to thank Emma from Buybest for supplying the Mod 101 for the purpose of this review
12/08/18 02:51 AM
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