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Text Review Nexus AIO Kit - Vaporesso
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Nexus AIO Kit - Vaporesso
Hi UKVapers, In this review i take a look at the Nexus AIO Kit from Vaporesso. The Nexus AIO Kit was kindly supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Gina from Vaporesso.



An AIO device that despite being activated by your inhale still has a physical button to turn the device on and off. The Nexus also has adjustable airflow, nice sized juice viewing window and battery status indication. The Nexus also has a low juice detection which stops the device from activating when your juice level is too low to avoid dry hits and burning of your wicking material.

In the Box



1 x Nexus 650mAh Device
1 x CCELL Coil
1 x Traditional Cotton Coil
1 x Nexus USB Charging Cable
1 x Nexus User Guide


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Nexus came in cardboard basic packaging which i expect will not be the final packaging. Once opened i was met by a device that in my opinion looks better in real life than it does in the photos i've seen, when you have it in front of you it has a classy look and is very good build quality. The device is quite plain when it comes to features but the features it has stand out. The mouthpiece has a nice ergonomic shape and where the mouthpiece meets the device there's a very shiny metallic strip that circles the entire device. The front has a nice sized juice viewing window positioned centrally towards the top, again centrally towards the bottom we have "NEXUS" printed followed by a transparant on/off button which allows light to pass for battery indication. The back of the device has again a viewing window positioned centrally towards the top and centrally lower down we have Vaporesso branding on the vertical. The bottom of the device has a central micro USB port and safety stamps. I received the Black version, the device is also available in Green, Purple, Ruby, Dark (slate) Blue, Silver, Orange and Blue. The Nexus is a stealthy size and has a nice ergonomic shape to it.

İmage İmage
İmage İmage

Nexus Specs and Features:

Size: 85.7 x 34 x 17mm
Capacity: 2ml
Battery: Built-in 650mAh battery
Battery chip type: 102428CX
Coil: Nexus CCELL 1.0ohm Coil/Nexus Cotton 1.0ohm Coil
Max Charging Current: 1A
Great for Nicotine Salt
On-the-go device for MTL vape
Auto temperature control
Visual e-juice window
2ml juice capacity with 650mAh built-in battery
1A quick charge
Colours: Green, Purple, Ruby, Dark (slate) Blue, Silver, Black, Orange, Blue



To fill the device the mouthpiece needs to be pulled off, there is a hole either side which helps to get part of your fingernail in to help with this. These two holes are not the airflow but do allow air to enter and circulate in the top piece to feed the airflow proper. Once the mouthpiece is off you can see a large pull out plastic bung which needs to be pulled out to fill with juice, the fill port is a big pro on the Nexus as it's a good generous size so filling isn't a messy affair. There is nice sized, clear viewing windows either side on the device which you can use to help fill to the correct level, the device holds 2ml of juice and once filled simply replace the plastic bung.

İmage İmage

Changing the coil

I have already explained how to remove the mouthpiece, to the opposite side inside the device to the filling hole we have the air pipe with a groove that allows you to tighten and un-tighten with the flat-head tool which is fixed to the inside of the mouthpiece. Once un-tightened the pipe can be unscrewed the rest of the way with your fingers and pulled out. When the air pipe has been pulled out you will see the NX coil is screwed onto the bottom of the air pipe, to prime or change coil unscrew from the air pipe. First prime the coil then screw onto the pipe, lower the air pipe with attached coil into the device, tighten first with your fingers and then with the tool. To put the mouthpiece back on you will see a depression the same size has the tool edge inside the device, put the mouthpiece in place with the tools edge lined up with this depression.


Burned Protection

The Nexus comes with a safety feature they call Burned protection. The device detects when your juice level is low and you could be in danger of getting a dry or burn't hit and stops the device firing until the juice level is topped up, in my opinion this is a great feature.


The airflow

The airflow control is easily missed unless you know it's there. The air pipe has a control ring with heavy knurling for good grip, turning this increases and decreases the airflow allowing the device to give anything from a tight MTL pull right up to a very loose MTL pull. Again this is a great feature to have as so many of this style of device has a fixed, non-adjustable airflow.


Using the Nexus

The Nexus is an AIO device that uses your inhale to activate and fire the device, unlike many of this type of device it has a physical button to turn the device on and off, this can be done with the usual 5 clicks. At the bottom of the front of the device there is the on/off button which is transparent to allow light to pass through to show battery indication when the device is activated. When it lights up White the battery is above 70%, when the light is Yellow it's between 30% and 70% and finally when the light goes red the battery is at less than 30%. As well as the burned protection which i have already explained the device also has plenty of other safety features which are, short circuit protection, no load protection, low voltage protection, overtime protection and overcharge protection.



The device works really well and having the adjustable airflow really gives great control of the type of MTL vape you get including a nice tight draw which a lot of MTL vapers prefer. If i was hyper critical it would be that to adjust the airflow you need to remove the mouthpiece but i'm not going to put that as a con as so many of these devices have fixed airflow and once you have it set there is no reason to have to readjust it. The device will come with 2 NX coils, one a standard coil with cotton wicking and the other a ceramic coil, both are 1.0ohm resistance. I received a pre-production sample which only came with the ceramic coil which is giving great flavour which is lasting really well (i have been using the device when i have been out and about for a couple of weeks and no drop off in flavour). Also despite there being no mention on the website i'm pretty sure the device is low constant output rather than direct output, i could be wrong but i have come to that conclusion as i don't notice drop off as the battery runs down, battery life seems very good and both coils that will be supplied with the kit are rated between 7W - 12W (perfect for high nic and nic salts). On the website it states the battery will be charged in 40 mins, i didn't time it the 3 or 4 times i have charged it but it certainly was charged after an hour.



Out of all the devices of this type i have used to date the Nexus stands out with some great features including adjustable airflow and Burned protection. The device is perfect for starters as well as those MTL vapers that prefer this style of device. Ideal for high nicotine and nic salts.



Good build quality
Array of colours available
Ceramic coil very good flavour that lasts
Charges in less than an hour (possibly only 40 mins but didn't time)
Burned protection
Adjustable airflow
Stealthy device
Tool on inside of mouthpiece
Large filling port
Suitable for tight or loose MTL styles
Physical on/off button
Battery life indication
Plenty of safety features
Good battery life

I would once again like to thank Gina from Vaporesso for supplying the Nexus AIO Kit for the purpose of this review.
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