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Text Review SOLO F2 - Vaptio
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Tongue SOLO F2 - Vaptio
Hi UKVapers, In this review i take a look at the Solo F2 by Vaptio. The Solo F2 was kindly supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Eco vape on behalf of Vaptio.



Of late Vaptio have been concentrating in three areas with equal vigour, Sub-ohm vape pens, Pod devices and there increasing line of Hero Mods. The Solo F2 is a sub-ohm AIO vape pen which features an hygienic magnetic drip tip cover, the use of existing universal style Frogman coils and a very nice Carbon Fiber finish.

In the Box



1* Spare Glass
1* Vape Band
Spare O-rings


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Solo F2 comes in typical Vaptio packaging and is a nice pocket friendly size. In my opinion it is the most aesthetically pleasing of the Vaptio pens to date with a rather nice polished Carbon Fiber finish. I received the Grey version, it's also available in Black, Blue, Red and Pink. The front of the battery has an upside down triangle like shaped fire button towards the top, and Vaptio branding vertically towards the bottom. The back is featureless apart from a micro USB port towards the top, the Silver base has etched branding, safety stamps and a central venting hole. The top of the battery section is also the base of the tank section, we have a silver ring with fixed dual cyclops airflow slots followed by a thick O-ring for the glass to fit onto and the inner has threads to screw your coil into and contact plate. The battery it'self is quite plain which allows the Carbon Fiber finish to take centre stage. With tank section assembled the top-cap has a crown type shape with heavy texturing and the black delrin drip tip fits over a protruding O-ringed ridge so you can't use your own. The Black Magnetic cover fits nicely into place and has circular cut out slits on top allowing for a rushed vape while the cover is still on. I am always impressed with the build quality from Vaptio and the F2 is certainly no exception. The device is very ergonomically friendly and perfect on the go Sub-ohm vaping.

İmage İmage İmage İmage

Solo F2 Specs and Features:

Size: 22X127.5mm
Battery: 2200mAh
Weight: 107g
Resistance Range: 0.2-3.0Ω
Power: 50W max
Voltage Range: 3.4-4.2V
Material: Stainless steel & stainless iron & Carbon fiber
Capacity: 2ml
Coil: Frogman x2 0.25Ω (universal style coils)
Magnetic Hygienic Cover
Allows for vaping with cover on
Colours: Grey, Black, Blue, Red, Pink


The Magnetic Hygienic Cover

The Solo F2 comes fitted with a magnetic cover which snaps into place very securely over the top section of the tank to keep the drip tip clean and hygienic. The cover also has circular slits on top so if you are in a rush to have a quick vape it allows for vaping with the cover on. The battery has a barely noticeable ridge on the base which allows for the cover to be put there while vaping, the fit is perfect and the very strong magnet makes it very secure.

İmage İmage İmage

The Tank Section

To change your coil simply unscrew the glass from the base which is attached to the base on the battery, of course what you are actually doing is unscrewing the coil off the air pipe with the aid of the glass. Once the glass with top section is off the used coil can be unscrewed from the base and primed new coil fitted, then simply screw the tank back together. To fill, unscrew the top cap which reveals 2 filling ports, the filling ports have resealable silicone skins. Push the nozzle of your juice bottle into the juice port which moves the skin to one side. Once filled remove your nozzle and the skin moves back into position to complete the seal, if you don't like the silicone seal it is possible to remove it.

İmage İmage

Using the Solo F2

The device is the standard 5 clicks to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off, once on just press the fire button and vape. The device has battery status indication which is shown by the surround of the fire button lighting up in various colours, White indicates 61% to 100%, Blue 30% to 60% and Red below 30%. The light also flashes when one of the safety features kicks in which are, short circuit protection, low voltage protection and over vape protection, the device also has a maximum output cap of 50W and auto shut down feature, so if you haven't vaped for 10 minutes the device turns off and will need to be turned back on with the usual 5 clicks.

İmage İmage


As with most devices coming out these days it fires instantly with no noticeable delay, the fire button also has a nice click to it. Another great thing about the device is the 50W max wattage output along side the included 0.25 NiCr (rated between 25W and 55W) coils, this means despite the device being direct output you won't notice any drop off. If there wasn't a max output the device would fire at 70W with a fully charged battery, even just before the device stops working because of low voltage you will still be getting 46W. The coils give a good balance of good flavour and plenty of cloud but i believe i could of found better flavour if i was to close the airflow down slightly but with the airflow being fixed i didn't have that option. Another good feature about the device is it uses the Frogman coils which are mainstream size so plenty of other brand coils can be used including Baby Beast coils, but personally i like the coils produced by Vaptio. The 2200mAh battery is fair enough for a 50W max output device but i did find it took about 4 hours to charge. The only other thing to point out is i did need to fill the tank often with it being 2ml capacity.



An aesthetically pleasing, airy DL AIO vape pen that gives a reliable vape and the 50W maximum cap means with the coils provided you will notice no drop off.



High build quality
Aesthetically pleasing
Pocket friendly
Hygienic magnetic cover
Magnetic cover fits nicely on bottom of battery when vaping
Battery status indication
Safety features
Maximum wattage cap
Mainstream size coils
Good balance between flavour and cloud (with provided coils)
Top- fill
I suffered no leaking


Fixed air-flow
Takes a long time to charge
Low juice capacity for 50W device
Can't fit own drip-tip


I would once again like to thank both Eco vape UK and Vaptio for supplying the Solo F2 for the purpose of this review.
13/06/18 12:57 AM
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