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Text Review WISMEC Luxotic NC 250W 20700 Kit with Guillotine V2
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WISMEC Luxotic NC 250W 20700 Kit with Guillotine V2
Hi UKVapers, In this review i take a look at the Luxotic NC 250W 20700 Kit with Guillotine V2 from Wismec. The Luxotic NC 250W 20700 Kit with Guillotine V2 was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Angelia from Wismec.

In the Box



1x Luxotic NC Box MOD
1x Guillotine V2
2x Battery Sleeve
2x Pre-made Clapton 0.18ohm Coils
1x Mouthpiece
1x Cotton
2x User Manual
1x Warning Card
Spare Parts


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Luxotic noisy cricket comes in large plastic casing with viewing window and is a large device, i personally would use it has a desktop device rather than for out and about. Despite it's large size i found it surprisingly comfortable in the hand both thumb and finger firing it. It's looks will divide opinion, i think the resin with brushed stainless steel sections looks great and i have seen comments agreeing with me but I've also seen that others find it ugly. I received the Green resin version, it is also available in Red resin but all devices will be slightly unique. The top section of the device is resin which is about a 10mm section this is followed by a brushed stainless steel section which is larger one side than the other, then the bottom section of the main device is resin, finally the device has a silver base where the sliding battery door is located. On the Silver section on the front of the device we have a square fire button towards the top, the bottom of this section is where the potentiometer dial is positioned. The spine and sides of the device are sections of resin and brushed stainless steel as described, the base is the stainless steel sliding battery door which has, branding, safety stamps and very generous venting. Moving to the top of the device and to one side we have a square mechanical switch with indicator light, to the other side we have a gold plated, spring loaded 510. The build quality of the Luxotic Noisy Cricket is top notch.

İmage İmage
İmage İmage

Guillotine V2 Specs and Features:

Size: 24 x 34.8mm
Body material: Stainless Steel
Thread: 510 thread
Flavor focused dual coil RDA
Bottom adjustable airflow control
Attractive pattern of drip tips
Deep juice well for large storage
BF pin for squonker mod
Colour: Silver


Guillotine V2 Overview

Despite liking the Luxotic squonking device if anyone read my review they will find i wasn't that impressed with the included RDA, but the Guillotine V2 couldn't be more different. It,s a duel build guillotine style post clamps with flip airflow, giving the choice of bottom or top/side airflow. It comes with both a resin (that matches the device) and a ultem 810 drip-tip but any 810 will fit, the RDA also comes with a BF pin so it can be used on a squonking device.


The Airflow

The airflow slots on the outer sleeve lines up with the decks airflow outlets giving you adjustable bottom airflow which can be adjusted by turning the sleeve. Flipping the outer sleeve upside down now gives you top and side airflow, the more you want side rather than top airflow simply set your coils slightly higher. The top-cap is turned when the sleeve is set this way to adjust the airflow, and if you pull the top-cap off you will see how it's shaped to do this. Looking inside the top-cap you will also see it's lined with ultem to cut down on heat being transferred to the top of the RDA.


The build deck

The build deck has 2 guillotine style posts side by side with shared slots, once loosening the 4 grub screws (2 each post) with the supplied Allen key the end of your wires lift the bar up when slotting into place then simply tighten down. Sounds simple but to be honest getting both coils sitting right before tightening was a bit tricky until i used a couple of rods to hold them in place. If you are intending on using the RDA with the airflow flipped then i personally would set the coils a bit higher. The Guillotine V2 has a nice deep juice well, 6mm if using the bottom airflow but if you have the airflow flipped the sleeve blocks the decks airflow outlets giving you approximately a 10mm well. When it came to wicking i was quite generous with the length of the cotton. If using bottom airflow make sure none of your cotton obstruct the outlets.

İmage İmage

Luxotic NC Specs and Features

Size: 96.2 x 54.5 x 26.6mm
Thread type: 510 spring-loaded connector
Cell type: Dual high-rate 20700/18650 cell (NOT included)
Voltage Range: 1.3V-5.3V
Max output wattage: 250W
Designed by JayBo
Optional Output Mode in Series and Parallel
Multiple Circuit Protection Systems
Colours: Green Resin, Red Resin


Using the Luxotic NC

The bottom battery plate slides off to fit 2 20700 batteries or 2 18650 batteries with supplied battery adaptors, the plate slides back into place very securely. The Luxotic Noisy Cricket can be used in both parallel and series which can be selected by moving the square switch on top of the device, left for parallel and right for series. The switch is quite tight but it certainly isn't going to move without it physically being done and not tight enough to see it has an issue. Which ever way you use this device it has plenty of safety protections which are, short circuit protection, reverse battery protection, low voltage protection, over vape protection and temperature protection. Turning the device on and off is done by five clicks of the fire button and the LED on top of the device flashes 3 times, the LED is white when in parallel and red when in series when switched between the 2 the LED flashes in the appropriate colour 5 times. The LED also lights up in the colour of the mode you are in when taking a vape , unfortunately there is no battery status indication so no way of knowing how much life your batteries have left. In parallel the device works like a mechanical device giving 4.2 volts and gradually decreasing in voltage as your batteries get weaker. Potentially when switched to series mode it could give you 8.4 volts but the device is regulated and controls voltage in this mode by the use of a potentiometer between 1.3 to 5.3 volts, just start low and turn the dial till you get the power you want.

İmage İmage


I used the device in series using the dial to adjust power and the device works great, it's instant and hits hard. I didn't use the device in parallel apart from seeing if there was any delay but again it fired instantly, i'm liking this device a lot. I used the device with the supplied Guillotine V2 using the supplied pre-wound coils, the build came out at 0.17. The flavour was excellent using the bottom airflow, i switched the sleeve to try it with top airflow and the flavour was still good, i would imagine the flavour using the sleeve flipped would improve even more if the coils were set higher giving more side airflow but in my opinion using the RDA with bottom airflow just gave great flavour. Despite it being a warm vape the top of the RDA didn't get hot so the ultem lining does it's job, when the airflow was flipped it gave a lot more air and the vape was much cooler. I can't be precise about what wattage i was at but despite normally vaping around the 40w mark i was possibly nearly double that with the dial half way and really enjoyed the vape. I used 18650 batteries and when i take into account i was at higher wattage than normal the battery life was good and would be even better with 20700 batteries. With the supplied beauty ring the diameter of the Guillotine V2 comes to 25mm and this leaves half a mm either side so a 26mm would sit flush.

İmage İmage


If you are in the camp that likes the look of this device then performance wise i can't fault it and the build quality is spot on. Both the Luxotic Noisy Cricket and Guillotine V2 are excellent.


Good build quality
Aesthetically good looking (in my opinion)
Parallel or Series
Mechanical switch
High powered
Safety features
20700 or 18650 batteries
Battery adaptor included
Up to 26mm tanks look good
Great flavour with Guillotine V2
Flip Airflow
Guillotine V2 can be used with Squonk device
Good battery life


No battery status indication
Mechanical switch a bit tight (not a big issue)
Without aid of rods build a little tricky


I would once again like to thank Angelia from Wismec for supplying the Luxotic NC 250w 20700 Kit with Guillotine V2 for the purpose of this review.
15/04/18 11:20 PM
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