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The Shape of the Vape?
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RE: The Shape of the Vape?
Thought i'd update this with a couple of things i've noticed recently.

When it comes to the usual Flavour, Vapour Production and Throathit criteria - there isn't much difference between the Kayfun Lite and the Anyvape Davide - a bit but not a lot.

When talking in terms of Shape of the Vape - that's when the differences become apparent.

The Davide is a cooler vape (tho warmer than the Evod) and doesn't have the depth of 'Texture' and softness, that the Kayfun delivers - even with 70/30 PG/VG.

That Vape Density from the Kayfun, also caries with it, to me, extra elements of flavour, that get integrated into the Vaping Experience as a whole - making the Kayfun feel like a more complete and luxurious experience. Thumbs Up

If thee haven't experienced this, then the Davide for instance, is one of the best mass produced misers around at the moment - and even if thee have an acceptable and cheap back-up Wink
25/07/13 02:19 PM
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