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Vendor Liquid Quality Statements
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Vendor Liquid Quality Statements
Following discussions on UKV (and the associated publications from Farsolinos et al) UKV admin and mods have been wondering what might be done to support a culture of "caring about quality" without creating masses of extra work for the UKV team....

We have no desire for UKV to become an unofficial repository of test certificates and we also understand that flavour manufacturers, juice makers and resellers have their own approaches to quality control and that what constitutes a "harmful ingredient or a harmful level of an ingredient" is open to both debate and change.

So, we have decided to provide all vendors with a means to show they take quality and safety seriously without it becoming a punch-up or a bureaucratic task:

1. We have set up a sub-forum called "Vendor Statements on Liquid Quality.

2. Each UKV registered vendor may post ONE thread containing ONE post (which they can edit/update) in this sub-forum with the thread titled as their company name

3. The post should describes their approach to quality, testing etc in THEIR OWN WORDS and including WHAT THEY CHOOSE. We don't expect this to contain specific test results. We see the statement as being what the vendor would reply to the question "So how does your company manage and ensure the quality of the liquids you sell?"

4. UKV members will NOT be able to post replies to these "statements" - the sub-forum will have a sticky telling members to contact the vendor if they have questions (they can do that already!).

5. Members will NOT be allowed to start threads or post comments about individual vendors statements. (The sort of discussions about liquid quality that have already been taking place on the forum are fine - this new rule applies to posts of the "I'm not happy with xxx's statement" variety)

6. If anyone feels that a vendor's statement is untrue or contains errors of a factual nature they should report this by posting in "Contact Us". (NOTE this does NOT apply to members considering a statement inadequate - that should be taken up with the vendor)

7. It is up to each Vendor whether or not they choose to participate

We hope this will encourage vendors to be clear and open about their approaches to liquid quality and provide UKV consumers with information to inform their choices.

We realise that some members will consider what we have done here as inadequate and that some vendors will not like the idea (but they can choose not to participate) but we feel it is a positive move which is manageable for the forum. What we have done has taken into account current discussions on the forum (including those in the vendors forum).

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30/09/14 06:33 PM
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