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RE: reviewers
(Yesterday 11:58 AM)nisam Wrote:  Maybe that's right and maybe it isn't, but Vic would have to meet other expenses beyond paying himself a wage.
As would other reviewers with bigger 'shows', larger channels, and so on... but there are also other ways to make money with this, too.

(Yesterday 01:23 PM)Hellonearth Wrote:  ad revenue I take it? I got ad blocker. You do wonder if the vast majority have even heard of ad blockers?
There's also direct sponsorship (as exemplified in Linus Sebastian videos), payment per ad displayed, payment per ad banner in the vid, payment per ad banner on the page, and payment per ad clicked on, to name but a few methods, not all of which are blocked by ad blockers.
That's just the business-as-usual advertising, too.

(Yesterday 01:48 PM)nisam Wrote:  Other than spamming the fuck out of forums in search of viewers.
Whassat you say? Voo-Who? HeHe!
Yesterday 05:04 PM
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