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the clone rule
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the clone rule
It seems some people still have trouble understanding our rules regarding clones .

this is a short easy summary

1. you can talk about any clone you like ,you can even post pictures if you like
2. you cannot link to named clones from vendors,or anyone else , anywhere on this forum
3. you cannot promote clone sellers, (ie: i bought this clone from that vendor)
4.this one is for reviewers ,you can review any clone you like ,BUT ,if you wish to post you're review on this forum ,please do not post the vendors website on your text,or video ,as this is promoting
5. no named clones can be bought /sold/traded on this forum

if any of the above doesn't suit you ,sorry but these are the rules ,i don't mean this to sound bad ,but if you don't like it ,there are other forums who accommodate clones and are willing to let people link to and sell named clones.
on this little part of the internet ,we respect mod makers work and do not promote places that don't respect other peoples intelectual property

this is not a dig at anyone,most people stick to the rules,obviously many don't even look at the rules ,so hopefully those people may see this post and this explains why we remove or edit some of their posts on the forum

vaping is a passion ,not just a hobby,

09/12/15 09:20 PM
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RE: the clone rule
How will i know if I have a clone or not?
17/12/15 11:22 AM
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RE: the clone rule
It's usually obvious from the price. And no one around here has ever shown the slightest bit of concern for the Chinese ripping each other off so if you bought a clone of a cheap tank you probably won't get any shit for it anyway. The clone debate is supposedly all about ethics in commerce but it's actually just about protecting rich people and their fragile egos. Smiling
17/12/15 11:30 AM
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RE: the clone rule
This post is intended as a clarification of our clone rule, not as a place to yet again debate it, so I am closing the thread
17/12/15 11:36 AM
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