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Vapefest Ireland 2015 - Manic_Medic - 10/11/15 02:31 PM

Who's all going from here?
It'll be my 3rd on the bounce.

RE: Vapefest Ireland 2015 - fridgemagnett - 10/11/15 03:14 PM

I'm going.
At a guess, I'll be somewhere near the Hellfire stand.

RE: Vapefest Ireland 2015 - scotty79 - 10/11/15 07:35 PM

Me too

RE: Vapefest Ireland 2015 - ukdtweak - 10/11/15 11:04 PM

Im trying to get a few vape friends from my local B&M to go... im hoping to be there if i can, dont fancy driving down south on my todd lol

Vapefest Ireland 2015 - SynysterMoritty - 11/11/15 06:41 PM

Ill be there

RE: Vapefest Ireland 2015 - Crumplypork - 12/11/15 11:48 PM

I want to go just to meet Grimm green,
I tried asking the Mrs if she wanted a "romantic" weekend away but she sniffed me out

RE: Vapefest Ireland 2015 - ukdtweak - 15/11/15 01:43 PM

Was a good show, got to meet GrimmGreen and get a photo, then Dean the Vaping Biker and Todd... Came home with a tonne of juices and samples and an ISM Imperial Custom Drip tip, and Obs Crius and a custom C frame SX350 J mod... this mod is stunning which you will see in the pictures, but it was not cheap.

Drip Tip and the Hydrogen by Elemental Mods:


Grimm Green:

Heres a picture of the Hydrogen SX350j with the OBS Crius and the Custom Drip tip that matches the black tank perfectly.


RE: Vapefest Ireland 2015 - v1ck - 15/11/15 05:10 PM

anymore pics of the event?

RE: Vapefest Ireland 2015 - ukdtweak - 15/11/15 05:19 PM

Sorry, i did not take any other pictures, was too busy tasting juices... Bumped into Grimm a few times and he was always so nice, dean too, bumped into him a second time and he said hi, to be honest, there was so much vapor i doubt you could tell much from a picture lol

RE: Vapefest Ireland 2015 - greendog - 15/11/15 07:54 PM

the mod looks nice. love the colour