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Which one is best - chris54 - 12/10/16 04:20 PM

Hi all which one would you buy. kayfun mini v3 or wotofo conqueror am going to use in mtl, and would i use a lot off liquid in either, if i buy the conqueror i would single coil it...

RE: Which one is best - obijon - 12/10/16 04:33 PM

The Kayfun is probably best for MTL. Not the biggest tank in the world. I would get the Kayfun 5.

RE: Which one is best - QuinnDexter - 12/10/16 05:42 PM

I have both and think the Kayfun would be much better for MTL. How much juice it drinks is going to be as much if not more reliant on number of coils, power and airflow than the tank itself, but the Kayfun is designed for MTL whereas the conqueror can be set up to do that but is better at being a dual coil cloud chucker. The Kayfun is a much easier atty to build too, whilst the conqueror can be a bit leaky unless you've got it thoroughly sussed Wink

RE: Which one is best - Flashman - 12/10/16 08:01 PM

Can't comment on the wotofo but the Jayden is mint!
Have both the mini and five but prefer the mini- have a steam tuners nano in the post so maybe a stumpy five will get more use !

RE: Which one is best - AshF83 - 06/01/17 11:17 PM

What @quinndexter said.
Both k3 and k5 are really excellent mtl tanks.
Very easy to build and good flavour.

You will struggle to get a 'race horse to walk'.

Hope that helps bud