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Target Mini charging stand - Stevethesax - 19/06/17 06:29 PM

Bought meself one of those natty Vaporesso Target Mini mods t'other day.
Didn't really need one, but I was quite taken by the small form factor and the 1400mah battery. The thing's no bigger than my Stingray X knockoff in 18350 mode.

And I'm impressed. I dare say I shan't use half of the options (TC, VV etc) - and I'm quite happy to bung it in wattage mode and leave it well alone.
However...the charging port is pants - and just like pants it's stuck around the bottom.
Bloody daft idea.


So I grabbed a piece of exotic hardwood (as ya do) and knocked up a little charging stand for it. Took some effin' and blindin', but it turned out right in the end.
The mod now plugs straight into the stand, and there's space for spare atties.

I also bought an Aspire Zelos 50 (well, while I was there...know what I mean?) on the basis that it's always good to have some sort of a backup.
This is a nice bit of kit too, and comes with a charging port that sticks out of the side. Much better.
However, the usb lead is dead shitty...and the one on the Target is dead posh - which is why I used the Aspire lead for the charging stand.


...and if anyone points me to a generic charging stand on Fasttech for a fiver, well, they can bloody well piss off...

RE: Target Mini charging stand - 1shot1kill - 20/06/17 11:03 AM

I like to see people thinking outside(inside) the box. Well done.Thumbsupsmileyanim