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Istick charger/stand - harrym1byt - 04/10/18 05:05 PM

I got fed up of my Isticks being laid about charging and leaking fluid as they were laid on there sides (well the Nautilus's on top), so I thought - a charger / stand of some sort, to charge them vertical. A thorough search revealed nothing ready made, so DIY was the only way and I don't do fancy DIY.

I now have three, one in use, one on charge, one spare - so I thought a three bay stand, with the centre bay able to charge. I thunk about how to for a while and the only way was to fold some thin alloy into a rounded VVV shape and fix that to a block of wood as a base, combined with a micro-USB plug poking up from the wood base. The alloy set to lean back at an angle, so the Istick leans into it, showing it's display window.

It's not quite finished yet, because the ebay supplier sent the wrong orientation of plug. No photos, it is not pretty - rather it is intended to be a functional solution.