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Takedown Policy - Phil A - 23/08/13 04:30 PM

UK Vapers operates a Notice and Take Down Policy.

Note: The statement below is addressed to non-members of the UK Vapers Forum. Forum members should, in the first instance, refer material thought to be unlawful in any way to the UK Vapers forum managers via the Contact Us facility in the forum.

If you have discovered material on this forum which is unlawful e.g. breaches copyright, (either yours or that of a third party) or any other law, including but not limited to those relating to patent, trademark, confidentiality, data protection, obscenity, defamation, or libel please contact us by completing the attached document and emailing it to

Upon receiving the notice, it is our policy to immediately to suspend access to content that is subject to complaint while that complaint is verified. This is also in accordance with the Electronic Communications Act 2000.