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Important Notice LB Mods - luxe02 - 14/09/13 01:49 AM

I thought i would let folk know that myself and Bart Eric Buttermore (Butters) are no longer in Colaboration.
On public forums he's putting slanderous and derogatory comments,
My Lawyers have started legal proceeding against Bart Eric Buttermore (Butters)
I will not lower myself to such mud slinging on Public forums, as this should be dealt with in an appropriate manner
The Versa range was a joint collaboration, designed and made in the U.K

LB Mods

RE: Important Notice LB Mods - Whistler - 14/09/13 03:55 AM

That sucks Andy. What does it mean for the future of the versa?

RE: Important Notice LB Mods - Ryan1981 - 14/09/13 10:57 AM

Always bad when a partnership breaks down like this. Hopefully you'll be able to continue with the Versa, although I don't currently have one I've heard a lot of good things about it.

RE: Important Notice LB Mods - ASH1973 - 14/09/13 11:17 AM


RE: Important Notice LB Mods - AndyMan - 14/09/13 11:20 AM

As someone who has been through a similar business relationship i can totally sympathise mate, I really hope everything works out for the best for you.
You are doing it right mate, getting involved in a public slanging match is not the way to do it and i admire your approach and is the same way i dealt with it.

That said, we dont know the full story here and theres always more than one opinion in a situation like this, so perhaps it is better not to show sides.

Important Notice LB Mods - brokuna - 14/09/13 11:28 AM


RE: Important Notice LB Mods - Ron - 14/09/13 12:57 PM

Good luck Andy, you're a top bloke with excellent products.

RE: Important Notice LB Mods - amsyar - 14/09/13 10:15 PM

stand still boss! Smiling

RE: Important Notice LB Mods - luxe02 - 15/09/13 12:25 PM

Hi all.

The original mods were completely funded by me Andrew. The design was a collaborative effort all the way through. I will not try and take credit for sole design as that would be a lie but I will take credit for being one of the designers. I have tried to stay out of the arguments trusting that you all would be able to make the descision for yourselves but I do feel now I have to defend myself against all that is being said by one individual.

I will not resort to slanderous and libelous comments. I am happy to discuss things further with anyone but only via private messages.

The new products are by Luxe Mods. Forum name changes forthcoming.

RE: Important Notice LB Mods - mizloulou - 15/09/13 01:08 PM

Sad im sorry to hear this, its just a shame the other person involved does not have the same values as urself.....good luck to you in any future/further ventures.

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